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With the launch of our new Xbox Ambassador website, there is much to celebrate. As we work around the clock to resolve any outstanding bugs, we want to take a moment and highlight the positive vibes we’ve been receiving from the community. And with a community like ours, it was not difficult to find positive sentiment.

We are Xbox Ambassadors

We’ve accomplished a lot this year, and we have a lot to be proud of. New Ambassadors have an amazing onboarding experience. New perks added to your Ambassador profile. No longer accepting missions. Plus, so much more. All in all, we’re continuing to build a community that is positive, inclusive, and special. So, let’s take a moment to shine positive vibes.


“The thing I love most about the new site—well, can I say everything? The way it’s designed is perfect and easy to navigate. There are so many useful tools now available to us, like how we can easily see our activities which give us a real view of the amazing impact we are putting into the community. There’s so much to say about the new site, I’d be here for hours! To summarize it: it’s amazing how useful and enjoyable the new Xbox Ambassador website is. It’s such a huge improvement from the old site, I couldn’t have asked for anything better! I stayed up for the launch of the new site—it was in the early hours—and it was worth it! I’d like the thank our whole team for making it possible! I know that it has a few bugs here and there, but it’s a new site. I’m proud to be an Xbox Ambassador.”

Pandy Yato

“I am excited about the new site because it gives the Ambassadors a proper and distinctive home online. Having our own site really shows how much the community has grown and that we are headed in a new and exciting direction.”

GT Dex

“I love the fact we don’t have to accept missions anymore! But more importantly, I love that the effort is being put into the program (the new website, Responder, and ACEs, etc.). When I first joined the program in 2013, all I got was an email that didn’t explain a whole lot. As the years have passed, there has been great improvements. Thank you to the staff for all that they do and continue to do for us.”


“I love the look and vibe of the new site. It’s super interactive, engaging, and has lots of new, subtle enhancements that really make it pop. The dashboard is an awesome welcome mat filled with announcements, Ambassadors spotlights, and latest blogs. They have added a well-written handbook that’s super helpful. Your profile now has loads of stats! Who doesn’t love stats? You can even see upcoming rewards and plan your sweepstakes spending ahead of time. You no longer have to accept missions, it’s automatic. Helping others just became a lot more fun!”

As always, thank you

Thanks to those who have stayed with the program during growth and iterations. Your team works to ensure that all of you are heard, that we take action on the things we have power to take action on, and always promise to make sure your Ambassador experience is one that you’re proud of.

We’re working hard, and we aren’t perfect, but we hear you and we’re moving as fast as we can. A special thanks to all Ambassadors who remain positive and supportive—there are many of you out there. A special thanks to all Ambassadors who give feedback, even if it’s criticism, because it’s healthy and keeps us moving forward.

For a known list of bugs and issues that is updated in a timely manner, please click here. We are always updating it based on bugs we smash and any new bugs you may encounter.


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