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Xbox Ambassadors Community Play Date on August 9 – Grounded!

Hey Xbox Ambassadors! Our next community Play Date is coming up on Sunday, August 9th and we’re playing Grounded! This game is available in Preview and is included in Xbox GamePass, so get your download started! Read up on all the details below.


A tiny human holding a tool made of tiny materials stands at the entrance of an earthen tunnel, with an ant next to her. Fallen leaves and blades of grass make up the background.The Details

  • Who: You and whichever friends and family you’d like to invite.
  • What: Xbox Ambassadors Community Play Date – Grounded!
  • When: Sunday, August 9th at 930AM – 1230PM Pacific Time!
  • Where to watch: https://twitch.tv/XboxAmbassadors
  • Why we do these: To get as many Ambassadors and their guests together as we can, playing games together and having a great time.
  • How to sign up: Add your Gamertag and the number of guests (if any) you expect to bring with you in this Signup Form

From a first person perspective, the player's avatar gives a thumbs up to a group of 3 other tiny humans. They stand against a backdrop of a giant baseball with a cartoon face on it, and tall stalks of grass.You’re signed up – now what?

  • Discuss: You can talk to other Ambassadors about how excited you are in Discord in the channel #xa_community_play_dates. This will be stood up closer to the day of the event.
  • Prepare: You can install Grounded on your Xbox (or PC, this is cross-play!) and check for updates to be sure you’re ready for the event!
  • Spread the Word: You can invite your family and friends to join us – the more the merrier!

A tiny human stands atop a sea of grass stalks, looking up at a large deciduous tree with orange fall foliage.What to do the day of the Play Date

  • Tell us when you’re ready: Drop into #xa_community_play_dates in the Xbox Ambassadors Discord server to let us know you and your group are ready to play! We’ll start right around 930AM Pacific, but if you show up late we will do our best to find you a group.
  • Squad up: As a general rule, family/friends/guests will stay with the Ambassador who invited them. Staff will mix and match everyone who tells us they’re ready – the goal is to get new teams of Ambassadors together who haven’t played with each other before so we all meet some new friends.
    • Please note that this game is in Preview, so full matchmaking functionality isn’t live yet. To group up, follow these instructions:
      • One squad member will need to Host an Online Game.
      • Once the host is in the Character Selection screen, the other players can click Join Online Game and search by friends.
      • If you’re not already friends on with your group Xbox before the Play Date starts, this might be a good chance to make some new ones!
      • PC Players using Steam will need to have an Xbox account and use the Xbox Console Companion app to join friends.
  • Play Nice: Play Dates let Ambassadors game with new people and to make new friends. Let’s all have a good time, build each other up and add some friends on Xbox Live!
  • Show off: Don’t forget to capture awesome clips and snapshots to share with us on your social media with the hashtag #XAPlayDates!

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