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Holiday cheer knows no bounds

When the holidays are upon us, many take off from work, visit friends and family, and just relax while soaking up the holiday cheer. Not our Xbox Ambassadors.

During the most recent holiday season, you and your fellow Xbox Ambassadors helped over 26,000 Xbox gamers! Dang–killin’ it!

The Xbox Ambassadors Team would also like to give a special shout out to Genesis1953 – the top performer during the holiday season who helped almost 1,800 Xbox gamers!

Other top performers included:

While no one would blame another for taking it easy during the holidays, you helped Xbox gamers with new games and hardware. You were at the forefront of the community during an exciting time for Xbox gamers of all ages, and we can only imagine how good that must have felt.

Kudos, we tip our hat to all of you and we thank you for your dedication and hard work.

If you helped an Xbox gamer this holiday season, tell us your favorite interaction and how that made you feel in the comments below.


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