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How to Become an Xbox Ambassador

Xbox Ambassadors are leaders in the Xbox community who help make gaming fun for everyone. Whether they are welcoming newbies to Xbox, friending different gamers world-wide, or simply spreading positivity across Xbox live, they are dedicated to making Xbox the best place to play.

Xbox Ambassadors Become an Ambassador

Join the Xbox Ambassadors Program

The journey to joining the Xbox Ambassadors’ mission of creating a positive and welcoming Xbox Live experience for gamers of all levels is easy and worth it.

  1. Head over to ambassadors.microsoft.com/xbox
  2. Click “Become an Ambassador”
  3. Pass the requirements check
  4. Watch welcome video
  5. Complete the 5-step website walk through
  6. Finish the starter missions
  7. Join our discord server to meet some amazing people
  8. Spread good vibes across the community

What it takes to be an Xbox Ambassador

Becoming an Xbox Ambassador is easy as 1, 2, 3 – no really, it is. There are just three requirements you must meet to be accepted into the program.

  • Be 17 years of age or older
  • Have a Gamerscore 1500 or higher
  • Have no enforcement actions on your Xbox Live account within the last year

Having the title Xbox Ambassador is certainly a distinguishing mark, but the impact you get to have on the Xbox community is really what it’s all about.

Do the dang thing

Do you want to have an everlasting impact on the Xbox Live community and gaming culture? Here’s your chance – become an Ambassador.