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How to make the most out of International Day of Friendship

It’s International Day of Friendship! Every day, Xbox Ambassadors, like you, make friendships with others through the love of gaming. Friendships are one of the reasons gaming is so much fun. Everything from sharing experiences with each other, playing a co-op game either in person or virtually, and just talking about new, exciting games, friendships are at the core of gaming. That’s why we created the Make a New Friendship on Xbox mission and Send a “Good Game” or “GG” Xbox Live message mission.

To celebrate friendships and positivity in gaming, from July 28 through August 11, we are giving double XP (that’s 700 XP, each! 😲) for the Make a New Friendship on Xbox, Gain New Followers on Xbox, and Send a “Good Game” or “GG” Xbox Live message missions. Check out the Missions page for full details.

The Value of Friendship

Adult male sitting on a couch in a living room playing video games with a gaming headset

As an Xbox Ambassador, we value these friendships and actively want to create new friendships and welcoming experiences with all gamers while playing your favorite games.

In these unprecedented times, friendships, now more than ever, are extremely valuable. It can be hard staying inside the majority, if not all, your day. Hopping into a game, playing with some friends, and meeting someone awesome on the way, can be a great way to relax.

“Online communities positively impact the lives of gamers by giving them a supportive community that’s focused around a central love. It’s so easy to connect with people now and form true bonds that no amount of distance or time zone difference can break! I’m so grateful that online gaming and streaming exists because it’s helped me connect to friends I wouldn’t have been able to ever meet otherwise.” — Emericagirl24

More than XP

These friendships and “good game” messages are more than just XP to level up, they are long-lasting friendships and positive moments to share with others. As a welcoming gaming community, it is our mission to make gaming fun for everyone, build friendships, and have fun playing games.


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