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How to Write for the Xbox Ambassadors Blog: Part 1

So, you want to submit an article to the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog?

Well, the first thing to consider is “Do I have content that makes sense for the Xbox Ambassadors Blog to feature?” To get you started, typically, content on the Xbox Ambassadors community Blog is focused on highlighting all things that make gaming fun for everyone 

While we love visiting other blogs for game reviews and news, the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog does not feature that type of content. We like to focus more on the culture of gaming and stories about gaming being inclusive of all, safe for all, and accessible to all. 

Here are a couple topics that could be posted on the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog!

  1. Playing a “Sun Bro” in Dark Souls 3 and helping out players in boss fights. Specifically talking about the GGs, the good lucks, the funny emotes, and the way community came together in a positive way. 
  2. A review of Accessibility features in Gears of War 5. In fact, if you have seen Can I Play That? that’s all they focus on. Reviewing accessibility features in games.
  3. A discussion of the character diversity in Bleeding Edge, and how one of the playable characters adds diversity in gaming.   

A bit of a caveat here, these articles have certain prerequisites to write. We’ll start with the easiest one and then move our way into the more complicated socially ones. 

  1. If you were going to write about Dark Souls, you would have to have played Dark Souls to really understand the joy and connection someone experiences when helping another through a boss. I personally have known how difficult some bosses are because I fought them in a game of Dark Souls 3. I later became a “Sun Bro to help players through their games. I personally have experienced a positive emotional response in helping and being helped by others in Dark Souls 3. Someone like myself could write this blog. Someone who has never played Dark Souls 3, or only dabbled in itprobably would not have the experience to write this blog. 2-sun-bros-in-dark-souls
  2. With the comments about Dark Souls 3 in mind of how experience is needed to write about being a Sun Bro, someone who has experience using Accessibility features or playing with people who use Accessibility features should be the one to speak on the topic. I do not have this experience and would need to do lots of research to be able to write that article, and likely interview people with the experience.  maeve-from-bleeding-edge
  3. and continuing on with this idea, diverse characters and Bleeding Edge would require an understanding of the value of diversity and should be done by someone who has put in the research to understand the nuance and complexity of these issues.   

This does not mean that you can’t write about something you have little experience in, it means you should do your research before you put your voice out there. The saying “write what you know” basically. 

Below are two examples of our favorite community submitted articles we have feature. Give them a read, then come back here, and we will follow up on our discussion on why chose to post them.  

  1. Why are you so nice? A blog about kindness and helping new gamers in Sea of Thieves. 
  2. The Franchise that Defines gaming. A blog about each gamer’s favorite franchises that mean so much to them.  

Got em? Good. Let’s talk about them more.  

  1. Why are You SNice? makes the reader to feel good about being an Xbox ambassadorIt’s a piece that talks about the goodness of people, and how in gaming you can make someone’s day better, even in a game that is focused on conflict and combat.  It’s all about being welcoming. 
    3 pirates standing together in various outfits, the male pirate has a hooked hand, the center pirate is in captains garb that is the color purple, she looks fierce, and the final pirate is wearing a multi button trenchcoat with a wide brimmed hat reminiscent of a fedora or musketeer hat....she also looks fierce.
  2. The Franchise That Defines Gaming is a piece that talks about how each gamer has a favorite game franchise and that the diversity of favorites show the diversity of gamers. It celebrates uniqueness and invites people to share. It’s all about being inclusive. 

Both blogs hit one of the three points—welcoming communities, safe communities, and inclusive communities. Remember, you don’t have to specifically hit those points, but if you do, that will increase the chance of your article being featured. 

There’s also another point that is important here, both blogs provide VALUE. Value is the “feeling or skill” you want your piece to convey. And it is both important and hard to nail. Let’s talk about VALUE.  

Let’s talk about VALUE.  

  1. If you were writing about an Xbox safety featureyou would probably would want to be:  
    • Upfront about what the safety feature does 
    • Clear on what benefits the safety feature provides 
    • And list easy to follow steps to set the feature up 
  2. If you are Camicazi Boss and writing about Sea of Thieves you: 
    • Had a good set up to the story 
    • Had an interesting twist during the narrative 
    • Ended with an actionable moral that all Ambassadors can follow 
  3. If you are Pandy Yato and writing about the Franchise that Defines gaming you: 
    • Invited many people to participate 
    • Celebrated diversity within the program 
    • Reinforced that diversity is good and the reader is special 

VALUE!….it isn’t easy and it takes practice to identify. We’ll talk more about it in the future. But for now, look at your favorite blogs and think about why they are valuable to you, the audience. 

Okay, here’s your quick guide to having a good idea for the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog: 

  1. Does your idea relate to making gaming safer, more welcoming, or more inclusive? 
  2. Have you done the research or lived the experience to write the blog? 
  3. Does your blog provide value?

This is the end of Part 1 for how to write for us…and if you want to get ahead, read through this blog post from the Hustle. https://thehustle.co/write-like-hustle-boring-stuff-writing-no-one-talks/. It’s a fantastic walkthrough on what’s important to writing blogs in general. 

Alright next post will be on “Gitting Gud at Writing” 

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! We publish blog submissions from Xbox Ambassadors from time to time, and if interested, you can submit a blog here.