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Introducing Lifetime Levels for Xbox Ambassadors

A Quick Overview 

Imagine you are playing a game. Maybe you’ve been playing this game for a while, so you know the character’s skillsets; maybe you’re at the beginning and only just discovering what specializations are available. Now imagine that character is you as an Xbox Ambassador. Have you ever been curious to know how far you’ve advanced since joining?  

Starting in Season 18, Xbox Ambassadors can achieve Lifetime Levels. These Levels tell the story of every Ambassador’s progression, since the day they joined. In this walkthrough, I will cover the updated orientation process for new Ambassadors, break down each of the Lifetime Levels, and explore the new Missions page interface. 

Welcoming New Xbox Ambassadors 

If you are a new Xbox Ambassador, or you have a friend who’s just signed up, the beginning of your journey is going to look a little different than it has for our veteran Ambassadors. Gamers who are new to the XA community will need to pass the Getting Started phase before unlocking Level 1 (think of this as the Tutorial portion of a game). 

While new Ambassadors are Getting Started, they’ll be given helpful information on topics like where to find things and how to connect with the community. This is also a good time to become familiar with the XA website, fill out profile specializations, and get to know fellow Ambassadors! Hint: the requirements to move past this phase are similar to the current Starter Missions. 

Breaking Down Lifetime Levels 

In the Last 30 Days of Season 17 blog post, I talked about how Experience Points (XP) gained across seasons will accumulate as Lifetime XP. The more Lifetime XP an Ambassador has, the higher their Level. As Ambassadors move up the different Levels, they will have access to a wider variety of Missions and unlock new badges. 

And remember, while we are introducing Levels, our Seasonal Tiers are still going to be around. While the Seasonal Tier structure won’t be changed too much (if at all), the Levels may have changes made to them throughout its beta-run. Specifically, the amount of Lifetime XP required to achieve a certain Level may alter. 

Level 1: To unlock Level 1, Xbox Ambassadors must finish Getting Started. At launch, this will not apply to all existing Ambassadors. Current Ambassadors will simply be placed into one of the four Levels based on their lifetime XP and history as an Xbox Ambassador.  

An Ambassador at Level 1 will see new Missions available to them on the Missions page. These could be anything from watching a stream on Mixer to helping answer questions on the forums. 

Ambassadors at Level 1 will also receive the Lifetime Level 1 Badge.


Level 2: Back to that game character analogy, think of this level as the “Normal Mode.” As a Level 2 Ambassador, you will have more Missions available to complete than you did at Level 1. Same stakes, higher challenge. At Level 2, you’ll also unlock an XP Modifier (something that will continue to increase as you reach new levels). The XP Modifier exists to reward bonus XP by a certain percentage when you finish a Mission.


Level 3: Unlocking Level 3 is no small feat! That’s why the Xbox Ambassadors Team will look to Level 3 Ambassadors for more direct feedback on how Ambassadors feel toward Missions, rewards, and more. Ambassadors at Level 3 will also receive special Missions in addition to an increased amount of other Missions available for completion.


Level 4: After progressing through Levels 1-3, an Xbox Ambassador will achieve the final level. Level 4 Ambassadors can still gain both Seasonal and Lifetime XP through Missions. As a top-level Xbox Ambassador, you would be considered one of the most trusted voices in our community and may occasionally be given special Missions to help contribute to the wider gaming community.


Navigating the New Layout


Let’s do this top-down style, starting with the current intro text on the Missions page: “Making Xbox fun for everyone one checkpoint at a time.” We trust everyone to keep that message in their hearts. That, along with all the other information at the top of the page, is going to be replaced with a status bar similar to what’s on the Profile page.


This status bar will reflect the current Level of an Xbox Ambassador, how much Lifetime XP is needed to unlock the next Level, and their Seasonal Tier. 

Oh! It will also show the Level Modifier—that’s the percentage bonus that gets added to any unlocked XP.


Moving along, the Self-report Activity will no longer exist as a drop-down menu. Instead, it will live as its own Mission that you can mark as complete. (You’re welcome, mobile users!) 

The way other Missions are currently listed will also appear differently. The sidebar to the left we have now is going to be replaced with Mission cards. These cards will update with your progress automatically (except for the self-reported Missions). They are also going to make skimming through what Missions are going on a whole lot easier.


Mission categories are getting renamed to make it easier to identify what they contain. The cards will also help for a quicker read, with color-coded backgrounds.


Let’s Get That XP!

Currently, XP can come from Missions and other activities. Going forward, the only way to get XP will be through completing Missions, not individual activities. And, through the completion of Missions, Xbox Ambassadors will be able to Level-up!