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It’s a wrap on Season Nine

Season Nine was one to remember—our Ambassadors helped with so much in the Xbox community, and we can only go up from here! Let’s take a moment to reflect on Season Nine, the amazing accomplishments, and all the fun we had!

Brilliant on-stream moments

Not only was Season Nine filled with Mixer success in terms of followers and viewers, it was also a fantastic time for brilliant on-stream moments. Some of these moments included:

  • Four Ninja Toads and his son, Junior, won their first Fortnite game during The Gamer Dad Show
  • Mister Sconnie and Mister Ruxpin interviewed Rainbow Six Siege game developer, Leroy Athanassoff
  • Emericagirl24 eliminated an entire Fortnite team while her whole team was down
  • Mister Ruxpin wore a princess crown on stream (yes, that was our favorite, too)

There were so many more amazing moments on stream, and we’re happy to see where Season 10 will take us with Mixer success and community moments.

A special thanks to our Play Hosts for being the streaming face of our program. They devote a lot of time to represent our Xbox Ambassadors and community, so to show our appreciation, they each received a beautiful and oh so comfortable Xbox-branded streaming chair! Plus, a special thanks to Team Xbox for making this happen!

YouTube can’t stop, won’t stop

The Xbox Ambassador YouTube channel continues to strive to be the top one-stop-shop for any Ambassador or Xbox gamer who needs a little help with anything from games, hardware updates, networking, and so much more. In Season Nine, we reached 3k subscribers!

Thank you to all Ambassador Core Creators—including our newest Ambassador Core Creator, Ambassador Zemi—for creating engaging and helpful content used by all community members and to all our Ambassadors who support our YouTube channel as a place they can trust. Let’s keep up that momentum, and we will see you at 5k subscribers!

Know an Ambassador who consistently makes quality video content? You can recommend and nominate fellow Ambassadors to become an Ambassador Core Creator! Just visit the Xbox Ambassador Discord and find the channel #core_creator_nominations.

A legend among us

During Season Nine, we all got to experience the exciting pirate life with Sea of Thieves—Rare’s newest, highly addictive, and beautiful pirate world where you could become a legend.

The Xbox Ambassador Team was fortunate enough to celebrate the launch of Sea of Thieves on March 20, 2018 at the Bellevue Square Microsoft Store.

Interested in becoming a legend in Sea of Thieves, check out the Microsoft store to get your digital copy today! Plus, those Season Nine Top 100 Ambassadors, you will be receiving an amazing Season Nine coin that will make you feel like you’re on the open sea. Once you get your coin, make sure to share it to social media and use the hashtag #Top100Ambassador! We would love to see your accomplishment.

Sweepstakes glory

Season Nine had great sweepstakes opportunities, but the greatest one was the Xbox One S! A special shout out to Daft Badger for winning—thank you for being an awesome Ambassador. To all our Ambassadors—keep getting those Sweepstakes tickets because you never know when it will be your lucky day!

Let’s look at what you’ve done

You and your fellow Ambassadors never cease to amaze your Xbox Ambassador Team. Reflecting on Season Nine, let’s peek into just how many Xbox gamers you helped, how much XP you earned, and more!

  • Over 135,000 Xbox gamers were helped through Twitter and chat
  • Ambassadors earned over 4,850,000 XP—dang, look at you
  • Over 32,000 missions were completed
  • You kept learning with over 5,000 quizzes passed

Thank you to all Ambassadors who take the time to help passionate Xbox gamers with everything under the sun! You all do an amazing job. Let’s help even more Xbox community members.

The final curtain call on Season Nine

None of these accomplishments could have been gained without the incredible support from our amazing Xbox Ambassadors and Xbox community, you are the heart of what it is we do, and without you our community would not be what it is today.

Let’s prepare for Season 10 because, to be honest, we have a lot to look forward to! Stay tuned for the Season 10 preview.


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