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Join Xbox’s biggest fans, join Xbox Ambassadors 

The Xbox Ambassador Program—a collective of the biggest fans of Xbox—has been around for many years. The program officially began in 2011, but some Xbox Ambassadors remember before then, back in 2006, when the term “Ambassador” became a movement within Xbox. It brought passionate Xbox gamers together as a community to celebrate all things Xbox.

Join a passionate community

The Xbox Ambassador Program gives the most passionate Xbox fans a chance to grow even stronger roots within the Xbox community. Ambassadors are more than just everyday gamers. They’re Xbox gamers who thrive on connecting to others and building an inclusive and welcoming community, all the while sharing their Xbox expertise.

I’ve joined the Xbox Ambassador Program during the past year and during that time I have gotten to know a lot of the Ambassadors. Some of these bonds have even grown into some incredibly meaningful friendships and I cherish them all deeply. Thanks to each and every one of you for being who you are. – bobyevil

Want to know if being an Xbox Ambassador is right for you? Make sure to check out our follow-up blog—Xbox Ambassadors impact what matters—to find out.

Join a community, gain a family

With Ambassadors worldwide, the Xbox Ambassador Program offers Xbox gamers the chance to connect with any gamer, anytime, from anywhere around the globe. When you connect with that many gamers, it’s impossible not to find your own Xbox family.

Having joined the Xbox Ambassador Program a little over a year ago introduced me to so many more gamers that feel like family. – Diabolic Jester

If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do in the Xbox Ambassador Program, read our other blog—The Xbox Ambassador Program in a nutshell—to see all the activates you can do to connect to fellow community members and unlock exclusive rewards.

From then to now, Ambassadors continue to be a leading force in the Xbox community. If you’re interested in making an impact on the Xbox Community as an Ambassador, we’d love to have you. Plus, one thing is true—Xbox is the best place to play, and the community is what makes this, our home, so special.

So, are you in? Become an Xbox Ambassador today and start making your impact on your community, your way.


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