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Keep calm and quiz on with the Ambassador Academy

Being an Xbox Ambassador means you’re someone who enjoys helping people who are just like you – passionate Xbox gamers! You take on one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of gaming – watching someone learn and grow as they play new games, try out new hardware, or kick-start her or his streaming career. You’re important, and you make a difference in the Xbox community.

Being an Xbox Ambassador also means your knowledge is vital

So, we have gathered some of our most useful resources to help you become a more knowledgeable Ambassador! Through the Ambassador Academy, you’re able to learn new information and take quizzes to test your knowledge and skills.

Helpful for new Ambassadors or for seasoned Ambassadors who just need a refresher course, the Academy has different course categories to meet your needs, including

  • AV and Hardware
  • Games and Apps
  • Networking
  • Account Management

Plus, not only are these quizzes a helpful resource, you can get XP for every quiz you complete. That’s right, you read correctly – Ambassadors get 25 XP for each one. Not a bad trade-off if we do say so ourselves.

Taking quizzes through the Academy is easy

you can choose to take quizzes through the Course Catalog or explore all quizzes through Browse Quizzes.

Select the quiz you’d like to take and be sure to use the “Resources” link to read up on the material before taking the quiz.

All quizzes consist of true/false, multiple choice, and select all that apply (those are the worst!) questions. Once all questions have been answered, you can select Submit. If the Submit button isn’t highlighted green that means all questions have not been answered. Your quiz will be graded instantly.

Based on Season 8, the most popular quizzes that Ambassadors completed were:

  • Managing Digital Xbox One Games – Games & Apps (Honors Course)
  • External Storage Troubleshooting – AV & Hardware (Honors Course)
  • 4K and HDR on Xbox One S – AV & Hardware (Honors Course)
  • Apps on Xbox One – Games & Apps (Honors Course)
  • Display Settings – AV & Hardware (Honors Course)

The Academy is just one way to spruce up your skills as an Ambassador. You can also check out the Xbox Ambassadors Program FAQ or chat with your fellow Ambassadors to learn new stuff, every day.

So, if you want to expand your technical Xbox knowledge, please visit the Academy! As always, thank you for becoming an Ambassador and making this community shine.

Which quiz in the Academy do you find to be the most useful? Share it below in the comments.


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