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KingOfWombat is April’s Ambassador of the Month!

April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Who knows and who cares! April is here and it is bringing us our new Ambassador of the MonthKingOfWombat! You may know him as your friendly neighborhood Ambassador, but did you know he does charity streams regularly? Not only is he an active member in the community and the Discord, he spreads his positivity beyond that and that’s why we want to put the sunshine (or spotlight) on him this month! 

Man wearing glasses with hat and gray shirt

Gaming has always been a strong passion of KingOfWombat’s since he was a child. It all started with his dad getting a SNES to put in his room so he and his brother could play some of the games his dad played. From then on, it was history! 

Fast forward to the Spring of 2019, he found his way to the Xbox Ambassadors program. Wanting to expand his gaming knowledge, share his love of gaming, and make an impact, he’s learned so much and continues to learn new things everyday. He stays involved with the community via the Discord server and occasionally the forums. He’s always trying to do his best to greet new people and influence positivity in the games he plays online and offline. 

One of KingOfWombat’s favorite gaming experiences would be when he participated in an XA Playdate where he played Halo 5 with a group of other Ambassadors. He was part of a positive team and had a lot of fun. They didn’t win a lot of their games, but had a good time just being there and he believes that’s what gaming is all about, having fun even when you lose. 

Outside of gaming, KingOfWombat likes to do charity work. He utilizes livestreams to raise awareness and funds for charities he’s passionate about. He’s done streams for ExtraLife, WWF Australia, and his next project will be streaming to fundraise for the World Health Organization (WHO) to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. For the month of April, he’ll be streaming for this cause so you can catch him at mixer.com/kingofwombat! 

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We asked him a few questions about community and here’s what he had to say: 

Q: What does a healthy community look like to you and what do you do to contribute to that vision? 
“A healthy community in my eyes is one where people get along, there’s still your normal trash talking to make multiplayer games interesting. But, there’s no hate speech, there’s no excessive use of vulgar speech. To help make this more of a reality I always send a friendly message to people who use hate speech and excessive vulgarity.” 

 Q: How do you think online communities positively impact the lives of gamers? 
“I believe online communities have a deep impact on gamers in many ways. One of the major ways being that different games and consoles have their own communities each with their own attitudes and views.” 

 Q: In what ways do you address toxicity in the gaming community and why is it important? 
“I address toxicity by nipping it in the butt, I like to send gamers messages saying “hey that wasn’t very nice” or “that language you were using goes against Xbox’s Community Standards”. Only if they continue with the toxicity will I file a report. It’s important to get rid of toxicity to improve the fun others and yourself. I used to hang around toxic gamers and they always sick people down to their level which just ruins the fun for everyone.” 

man with red hat and gray shirt

KingOfWombat is doing his part to make the gaming environment a more welcoming place to be in. For everyone out there, “Continue to be a positive influence, we can all help make gaming fun for everyone. Let’s do our part to make the Xbox community a fun and safe place.” – KingOfWombat 

If you’d like to nominate one of your fellow Ambassadors for a spotlight, let a CM know or fill out this survey! 


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