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Happy September, Ambassadors! The weather is changing, and for those of us in the Northern hemisphere it is time to break out the scarves and sweaters, switch our juice blends to pumpkin spice lattes, and enjoy the crisp autumn air. Some of us might be returning to school or have children or friends getting ready for classes. Even if you aren’t preparing for school, the smell of erasers and new books hangs in the air at just about every store. 

Those back-to-school vibes remind me of after-school activities, like sports and clubs. When the days grow shorter, it’s nice to belong to a community. Being a part of the Xbox Ambassadors is wonderful—it’s also been amazing to participate in the new Xbox Community Game Club. This club only started last month and already Ambassadors have filled it with life. 

Join The Club

Last month, we played four fantastic games. We are going to keep the momentum going with more games in September. Check out the line-up: 

This club is all about having great discussions, sharing fan art, and even taking part in the occasional debate (Minecraft Bedrock Edition or bust, am I right?)Every good club values community input, and that is why we asked all of you what the fourth game for September should be. 

green flash with shadow of an xbox controller

What’s that Game of the Week?

We are also going to be adding a Game of the Month: Tell Me Why.

Together, we will travel to Alaska and partake in Tyler’s and Alyson’s story. If you don’t own the game or aren’t sure if you’d like to play it yet, you can watch our weekly streams as the new chapters release.  

And don’t stress about setting a reminder on your calendar, we’ve got you covered. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates on when we will be streaming. By following us, you’ll get the added bonus of receiving awesome content on the daily. 

Text reads When you're raging at video games but can't afford a new controller. A picture of Aang from Avatar throwing a controller then stops to say No. I am not gonna end it like this.

A sample of our memes.

Check This Out

On the subject of updateswe have made changes to the Xbox Community Missions. These missions will now run once a month instead of once every two weeks. You can also see how far away you are from completing the mission. 

Screenshot of Active Send a Good Game or GG Xbox Live message with

We love seeing the impact Ambassadors have on missions—these activities that started as ideas continue to grow and become more meaningful thanks to all of you. If you would like to have a more direct impact on missions, we are currently looking for suggestions for our Contribute to the Conversation Missions. Please make sure to follow the guidelines provided. We look forward to reading your ideas!


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