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Year In Review

To repeat other bloggers and publications, this year has certainly been differentFor the Xbox Ambassadors community, that difference was phenomenal. We welcomed so many new Ambassadors this year (and welcomed back some old ones). We introduced the Xbox Ambassadors Pledge and Lifetime Levels. We started running new missions to go with the updated Missions page. We created an immersive games club from the ground up. 

None of this would have been possible without you, Ambassadors! Yes, even if you just joined yesterday or today. Our new members give us the drive to keep things fresh, and our seasoned Ambassadors help make the community and program better every day.

It’s Not Over Yet

There might not be a lot of time left in the year, but there is a lot we would like to do! Follow us on social media and join our Discord so you don’t miss anything. Keep an eye on our Missions page too. There is still time to make that next tier or even Level up! Remember, the theme for Season 20 is Treasure and X marks the spot.

Cartoon gold coins with stylized text over it reading XA Treasure 20

Teaser of the Season 20 Digital Image Pack

There will be other treasures on our Sweepstakes page. Try your luck and win yourself (or a friend) a game. Make sure to read the Xbox Ambassadors Sweepstakes Terms of Use before entering any tickets.


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