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This is what dreams are made of

As predicted, February felt two days too short for all the achievements and fun that happened. Can we petition the calendar makers to make February two days longer? Marching into the new month, it is good to know that we have 31 days for all that we have planned. 

To close out the Dreamer’s Season, we are celebrating Women’s History Month. You can read stories from some of your fellow Ambassadors in our blog. We received a lot of great submissions and want to thank you everyone who took the time to send those to us. If you are comfortable to do so, we encourage you all to share your stories on social media. Maybe it is personal or maybe you have a relative or friend whom you admire. Let’s celebrate all women! 

We also have some new bells and whistles in our Discord! Okay, not actual bells and whistles. What we have is new LGTBTQIA+ resources, functionality for people to select their preferred pronouns in the server, and Modmail! Actually, that’s so much better than bells and whistles. 

Here is the Sparknotes version of what Modmail is: you can now submit a ticket for any comment or content you see in the Xbox Ambassadors Discord. One of our moderators or a Community Manager will then be able to review the content and take action accordingly. You can read more about how this feature works in our blog post. 

Just lovely

We want to take a moment to talk about the amazing things that happened last month. 

First of all, if you haven’t had a chance to read about it yet, we highly recommend reading this Xbox Wire Post on Black History Month. Xbox now highlights games that feature Black characters, creators, experiences, and more! This article shares a few great games to get you started. Looking for something more personal? The Ambassadors have you covered! You can also read some community stories in this blog. 

Please do not forget that while February is Black History Month, every day is an opportunity to reach out to our fellow gamers, recognize them, and celebrate how awesome they are!

GIF of a red Xbox controller with a heart outline rippling out behind it.

Second of all, Xbox Ambassadors were featured in a Microsoft news story! That is pretty huge. I mean, Bill Gates probably read that. If you want to read what Bill is reading, here is the link for that story. 

And third of all (wow, usually I don’t have a third point to make), Xbox Ambassadors flooded social media with love. 1,169 Ambassadors shared a Happy Valentine’s Day to loved ones and others with #AmbyValentine. And 1.2 million people saw these Valentine greetings. That is incredible!! You all impact the world for the better. Let’s keep proving what a positive influence Ambassadors can have. If you would like to the cards used for the #AmbyValentine Challenge, you can still access them on our Social Media pageBoth digital and printable cards are available.

Xbox Ambassadors laurels logo with the text Xbox Ambassadors beneath. Background is patterned pink hearts on darker pink.

March Radness

Yes, last month was a lot of fun. (Who could forget National Pizza Day and the Game Pass Ultimate codes that some lucky Ambassadors won?) To keep the momentum going, we are hosting our first ever March Radness! 

Throughout this month, Ambassadors will vote in Discord on their favorite Xbox/Microsoft studios games and franchises. Then, on April 1st (no joke), we will announce the winning game. Here is how this will work: 

We will post the games/franchises for everyone to vote on. You can vote as soon as the games are posted or vote during the week. You can also change your votes up until the polls close. Voting will end at 4:00 PM, PST. (A screen-capture of the votes will be provided to preserve the integrity of the vote count.) 

At the end of every week, we will share which games will move onto the next round and voting can begin again. 

  • ROUND 1: March 1 – March 5
  • ROUND 2: March 6 – March 12
  • ROUND 3: March 13 – March 19
  • ROUND 4: March 20 – March 26
  • ROUND 5: March 27 – March 31


March Radness brackets with Xbox and Microsoft 1st party games studios.More information can be found in the #March_Radness channel in Discord. 

As Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games said, “May the odds be ever in your favor!” (Suzanne Collins).


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