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Never too soon for June

Hello, Ambassadors! At the first sign of sunny weather, I swapped all my winter things out for my summer stuff. Goodbye, scarves and sweaters! Farewell, space heater! 

As I write this now, it is pouring rain and the 57-degree weather (13.8 in Celsius). Do I regret my decision as I sit in my shorts, trying not to make eye contact with my fan? Perhaps. Do I admit defeat? Throw in the (beach) towel and grab my blanket? 

Okay yes, I do, because I hate being cold. But! I also keep myself on the summer hype train by playing games that put me in a summer mood. You know the ones. The colors are bright and the music is popping. 

There are also events going on in June to help welcome in summer. It’s Pride Month for starters! If you haven’t checked it out already, be sure to give our Pride Month ’21: Xbox Ambassadors Share Their Stories post a read. June is also when E3 happens, and the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase will be happening on June 13th. Don’t forget to sign up for Xbox FanFest so you don’t miss anything!

Xbox logo at center with Halo master chief above it, green gradient to the left, and outer space imagery in the background. Text reads - Xbox and Bethesda games showcase. June 13th, 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET, 6 PM BST. Twitch, Facebook logo, Twitter logo, Youtube logo.

very summery summary

The start of summer, for me, has always been a time to look back. Being half-way through the year, it’s both encouraging and surprising to look back at all that’s been accomplished (or pushed aside). I finished some games, I even read a couple books. And then there are games that I thought I would finish before the end of February… and have not touched since mid-February. 

While the rest of the gaming world looks toward what’s coming up next, why don’t we take a look back at the highlights? For June, keep an eye on the Missions page for #XAYearBook challenges. 

We will also be spotlighting some Xbox Ambassador Tales this month. Make sure to follow us on social media—oh, and that includes on YouTube.

Get the bug spray

Have you reported a bug on our website recently? Did you know you could report bugs to us on our website? Well, you can! It’s easy to do, once you know where to go. Down at the bottom of every page, there is a link to Report a Bug.

Two green squares with a stylized bug on both. One square has a little person beside the bug, the other square has a globe. Text above squares reads - Report an Issue. Text below squares reads - Personal bug. Personal bugs only impact your own Xbox Ambassador profile or experience. Examples: XP not increasing, unable to access Ambassador website, missions not progressing. View Form. Beneath the second square, text reads - Site wide bug. Site wide bugs impact all Ambassadors using the Xbox Ambassador Site. Examples: incorrect information, spelling errors, errors on specific Ambassador webpages.

Once there, choose whether the bug you are experiencing is a Personal bug or Sitewide, and fill out the form. 

Green outline around text. Text reads - Microsoft Garage, Accessibility, Security, Terms of Use, Report a bug. There is a green outline around Report a bug. Further text reads - Privacy and cookies, copyright Microsoft 2021. There is a black circle with text inside - Back to top.

Where’s the change? Well, for our on-the-go mobile users, the page will automatically scroll down to the form when you click to View Form. We’ll be adding some more to the page itself too later this month as well. For real-time updates, join our Discord to follow announcements. 


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