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Happy Hispanic & Latin Heritage Month! 

Hey, Ambassadors (and thinking-about-being-Ambassadors)! Are you wondering how you can get involved for Hispanic & Latin Heritage Month? Check out the XA Missions page to get started. We are featuring members of our community who also belong to Hispanic and/or Latin communities. Plus, we will have special streams on the XA Twitch channel and sweepstakes for games that have Hispanic or Latin characters or developers.

You can also play some games on your own, and share your thoughts with us in September’s first Contribute to the Conversation mission (going live September 2)—we’ll be discussing the games listed below. Check them out!

Thanks for joining us last month 

On the topic of celebrations, we want to give another shoutout to all the amazing individuals who shared their stories with us for International World’s Indigenous Peoples Day. Stories help connect us, enlightening others of our differences but also illuminating our similarities. We are all gamers. What sets Xbox Ambassadors apart is the desire to learn more about communities we were not born into, so we can be mindful as well as welcoming to every gamer. 

Gameplay of Never Alone. Xbox Ambassadors logo in upper left of screen and oOGingerAleOo and Blondie but Geeky names in upper right. Main screen shows small child journeying through snow with a white fox at night.

If you missed the missions from last month, you can still read our blog highlighting indigenous Xbox Ambassadors and watch the VODs of oOGingerAleOo and BlondiebutGeeky playing Never Alone: Part 1 and Part 2. 

Cartoon orange tabby cat wearing a space suit. Sunny beach background. The cat is building a sand castle.

We’d also like to say thank you for participating in the Summer Games Party—it was a blast! All of the VODs are on our Twitch and there are highlight videos on our YouTube channel too. Events like Summer Games Party truly do happen largely thanks to all of you. 


With the end of the Summer Games Party, summer too is nearing its end.  Or, if you live in the southern hemisphere, things should be warming up again. Regardless of where you are though, the changing of seasons is a great time to get out and into nature! For the month of September, keep an eye on the Missions page to participate in special #XANature prompts. Make sure to follow our socials and tag us too for a chance to have your content shared. 

Goodbyes are hard 

It isn’t just summer that’s going away. As some of you may know, Mister EDG3 and Mister Quimby have left the Xbox Ambassadors Team to go fight the forces of evil. Okay, that’s not the exact job description, but they’ll still be doing great things in their new roles. 

Both Mister EDG3 and Mister Quimby were a part of the Xbox Ambassadors for many years. They saw and helped make the changes that got us all to where we are today, with their creativity, hard work, passion, and friendship. They are missed, but we wish them all the best on their new adventures! 


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