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Last 30 days—recaps and updates

As Season 12 starts to wind down, we have some final updates to share with you before the close of the season and the year. Here’s to Season 13 and 2019. Cheers!

Recap—Next 30 days

Here’s a recap on some of the awesome things we did within the Next 30 days. If you want the full blog on the Next 30 days, check it out!

Extra life stream: November 30, 10 AM. The start of an amazing cause. For the fifth year in a row, Extra Life teamed up with Xbox to raise money for children. And, for the second year in a row, the Xbox Ambassador Team helped raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

We raised the stakes this year by rewarding viewers for their donations with wacky antics while playing Sea of Thieves. We spun our Xbox Ambassador prize wheel and one of the team members had to do whatever action the wheel landed on. These wacky antics included taking a bite of a banana with the peel on, getting pied in the face, and eating hot sauce. We’re happy to announce that we helped raise a total of $1,176 for Seattle Children’s Hospital!

Welcome, Miss EnolaCat: We’re so excited to have our newest Community Manager (that’s right, Community Manager—scroll down and check out the newest update), Amber or Miss EnolaCat. If you’d like to learn more about EnolaCat, make sure to read up on her introductory blog and follow her on Twitter and Xbox Live.

We welcomed two new Alphas: Alpha Ambassadors are reliable advocates for the Xbox Ambassador community who go above and beyond to help make the Xbox Ambassador Program safe, fun, and engaging for all those who participate. Alpha Ambassadors are a select group of Ambassadors who are highly trusted by the Xbox Ambassador Team, subject matter experts on all things Ambassadors, and always willing to help, and we were able to grow the group by two. Give a huge shout out to Mistress Sara and Smwutches. If you’d like to read about and meet all our incredible Alpha Ambassadors, check out one of our recent blogs.

Academy feedback: A huge thanks to all Ambassadors who took the time to provide feedback on the academy experience. We’re looking to enhance the academy experience for all Ambassadors, so your feedback was crucial. If you’d like to share more feedback, make sure to connect with your Community Manager.

New self-reported missions: As we had mentioned in the Next 30 days blog, missions were getting some love. We launched missions that encouraged Ambassadors to make connections through, well, actual gaming, and as always, you all did an amazing job. We’re so excited to say the new missions that involved self-reported activities like playing with a new-to-Xbox-gamer, a new genre, and more were a hit! These missions could not have been successful without you. But there’s more—dun, dun, dunnnn … just kiddin’—we will be reaching out to all Ambassadors who participated for your feedback! Keep an eye on your email. 😉

Preview—Last 30 days

ACE name change: The Ambassador Community Experts (ACEs) are an amazing part of our program, but we’ve received some feedback that the term “ACE” is a tad confusing to new Ambassadors who join the program. So, after a lot of thought, the Xbox Ambassador Team is excited to announce that the ACEs will now be called Community Managers (CMs). Over the next few weeks, we will be transitioning from the term “ACE” to “CM”.

Don’t know who your CM is?! That’s okay—check out our blog that introduces you to them and make sure to reach out to them on Discord, Twitter, and Xbox Live. Also, the handbook will still say “ACE” until the end of the Season 12, but don’t you worry, it’s being updated soon.

Xbox Ambassador Program Principles: We’re working on an enhanced suite of Xbox Ambassador Program Principles (like a code of conduct or terms of use) that will allow Ambassadors the freedom to celebrate their individuality in a positive way. Ambassadors are the leaders of the Xbox community, and these new principles will empower you to do more and have an even greater impact on Xbox. Once we have a complete draft, we’ll work with the Alpha Ambassadors to make sure it’s 100 percent “up to snuff” before we release it to the community. We’re shooting for the season changeover for this to go into effect. We’ll keep you posted as we have updates along the way.

Season 12 Coin: The Season 12 coin’s theme is strength. Strength has many synonyms, like vigor, courage, power, and vitality. All these terms represent where the Xbox Ambassador Program is going—us doing more and being more, being stronger and brighter, and we can’t do it without the strength you and every Ambassador give to us.

We picked strength because we always have and always will have the capacity for survival. We will always keep striving for the continuation of a meaningful and purposeful existence. Through every change, for better or for worse, we continue to have the power to live and grow. That won’t stop. So, check out the evolution of the coin.

There is still time to make the Top 100 and grab one of these coins! A month is a long time to climb the leaderboard ranks while making amazing connections with other Xbox gamers.

Community manager and guest blogs: Exciting news! The Community Managers will be supporting Miss JSP in creating blogs, and they will be the authors of said blogs. Since the Community Managers are our “ears on the ground”, they give us the ability to better showcase extraordinary Ambassadors who are doing amazing things as well as feature diversity within our community.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t guest blog yourself! If you have an amazing idea for a blog that you want showcased on the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog, make sure to tell your CM! The right blog idea could make a brilliant showcase, and we’d love to know! Don’t be shy.

New year, new season, a world of possibilities

As always, we will keep the updates coming! Make sure to end the season with a bang—climb that leaderboard, unlock XP, and keep building connections with fellow Ambassadors and other Xbox community members.


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