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Last 30 Days—wrapping up Season 13

Season 13 has been full of information and, as always, Xbox Ambassadors are continuing to positively impact the Xbox community while finding even more ways to bring more connectivity to Xbox. You all seriously rock. As Season 13 starts to wind down (can you believe it?!), we want to share with you some things to expect from the program for the following weeks. We think you’ll be excited!

What’s coming

Accessibility missions—as we mentioned in our open letter to Xbox Ambassadors, we want to focus certain missions around bringing more knowledge and empathy to Ambassadors and to the greater Xbox community. Coming soon, you will start to see new missions pop up around the importance of accessibility and what kind of Xbox accessibility features are available on the console.

  • Learn about the Xbox Adaptive controller
  • Zoom in with Magnifier
  • Read your screen with Narrator
  • And more!

As an Xbox Ambassador, we want you to feel empowered to increase your knowledge on Xbox accessibility features through program-related activities so that you can pass on that knowledge. When everybody plays, we all win.

Gaming for everyone interview—your Xbox Ambassadors Team is making connections with other teams around Xbox that’re centered around gamer safety, accessibility, and of course, Gaming for everyone. A few members of the team, Mister EDG3 and Miss Mauvelous, had the chance to sit down with Ben, Community Program Manager for Gaming for everyone. The interview highlights how Xbox is working toward being an inclusive, welcoming, and safe place to play for ALL. Guess who’s at the forefront of that mission? You and your fellow Xbox Ambassadors. We will promote that interview once it’s live, so we encourage all Ambassadors to watch it, and if the message resonates with you, share it with your friends and family.

Sea of Thieves anniversary—woah! It has almost been one year since the launch of Sea of Thieves. We are so excited to celebrate this awesome game. Your Xbox Ambassadors Team is going to be publishing a blog on March 20, so if you want to share your pirate sentiment about your love of the pirate life (and any epic in-game photos or video clips), make sure to tell your Community Manager. Who knows, maybe your comments and photos could be shared in the blog post. 😉

Man with a hat on with his mouth full with the message #BeMorePirate over him

Let’s say hello to Mister Ruxpin! Remember this Instagram video of Mister Maka and Mister Ruxpin eating bananas with the peels on? Ahh. Good times. *watches video a billion more times*

Stop, announcement time

PAX East—guess what? Your Community Managers will be attending PAX East! *confetti* We are so stoked to be attending another gaming event with you. Between now and then, your team will be publishing blogs with important information, like PAX maps, schedules for the CMs, and more. Plus, we will be sending out an attendance survey to understand how many Ambassadors will be attending PAX East. If you are, we will stand up a Discord channel to ensure you can connect with other Ambassadors who are also going.

If you already know you’re going, make sure to let your CM know. We hope to meet you there in person. Also, make sure to use #AmbsAtPAX to share with us your photos on social media so we can have fun with you for those team members who aren’t going to attend. We will see you there!

More fun to come

We hope you’re excited for a new season. Always provide feedback to your CM when you have something to say. Stay positive and amazing, as you all are.


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