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Last Spartan Standing Tournament round 2 coming June 8

Mark your calendars for June 8 at 12 p.m. PDT! The Xbox Ambassadors Team is excited to announce our 2nd annual Last Spartan Standing Tournament. After the huge success of last year’s tournament, we wanted to continue with the tradition of finding out who is the best Ambassador Spartan around.

The Last Spartan Standing Tournament will be an Xbox Ambassador only, one day free-for-all Halo 5 tournament that will be hosted by Mister Edge and Mister Ruxpin on the Xbox Ambassadors Mixer Channel. Details on tournament structure and how to register can be found here.

This year we’re ramping up the competition and expanding from 20 to 36 total Spartans. That’s right! Thirty-six Spartans going head-to-head.

Here are some of the basic rules:

  • Up to 36 Total Contestants
  • Free for all – first to 15 kills
  • We will start with a qualifying round
  • Single Elimination
  • Prizes galore

The gamer that earns the title of Last Spartan Standing will unlock an exclusive spotlight on the Community Blog and score the top prize of an Xbox One Recon Tech Special Edition Controller.

So, dust off your skills, call all your friends, and get ready to enter this year’s battle to see who’s the best.

Who will survive? Find out June 8 on Mixer.com/XboxAmbassadors.


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