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Let’s start an Ambassador photobook

If you caught our Season 13 launch stream, you know all about the awesome updates we had for you. If you didn’t—that’s okay, we have a recap for you.

One of the great things we had to share was a new social media challenge started by your fellow Xbox Ambassador, Gamingboy177! He had a great idea in October of last year about starting an Ambassador photobook. To support him in his idea, and in finding new ways to connect more Ambassadors together, we want to launch the #AmbsPhotoBook challenge.

The sparks of creativity

Tell us what spawned this idea of the #AmbsPhotoBook and why a photobook in particular?

The original idea for #AmbsPhotoBook sparked from looking through some of my old photobooks, seeing myself as a child playing with a GameBoy—I loved that as a kid (and still do!). Photobooks can truly capture feelings: excitement, accomplishment, and joy (to name a few). Personally, I believe a photobook to be more interesting and relatable than a story book or novel. The #AmbsPhotoBook would combine all the amazing moments of accomplishment throughout the Xbox Ambassador Program and the Xbox community, presenting it in the form of a photobook with every photo having a story behind it, whether it be fulfilling a goal or containing a sense of pride for the community.

What is the goal of this photobook challenge and why is it important to you? 

The main goal for the #AmbsPhotoBook is to challenge the community to be creative and share their achievements with others. For me, it is quite an important thing to do, as it will further showcase everything we are doing in the program and for the greater Xbox community.

What would you say to other Xbox gamers who would want to spark their own fun and engaging challenge in the community? 

For other Xbox gamers who want to start their own challenge in the community, whether it be small or big, go for it! Don’t be nervous or afraid to do something, we’re all here to help and support one another. Be inspired, fulfil your goal.

How do you define community and what makes it important to you? How does this challenge add to your feelings? 

For me, a community is like a large family with everyone having common interests and being supportive of one another. Personally, the Xbox community is one of the most important communities I’m in, every accomplishment fills me with a sense of pride and determination to carry on. In my opinion, the challenge further expands our incredible community, creating a new achievement to be proud of.

Ignite the fun

So, what do you say, Ambassadors? Want to help Gamingboy177 in his goal in creating an amazing Ambassador photobook? It could be a lot of fun and after a year, the photobook would be incredible. Have some sweet Xbox or Xbox Ambassador swag? Click, click. Going to a community event? Take some photos. Meeting up with other Ambassadors or Xbox gamers? Open that camera app. Anything and everything, creativity is only bound to your imagination. Use #AmbsPhotoBook with your photos on Twitter and Instagram—you Xbox Ambassador Team will be doing it too. So, have fun!

If you have an awesome and creative challenge that’ll help bring more Xbox community members together, don’t be shy! Launch it and tag us. DM your Community Manager. DM Miss JSP on Twitter at @XboxAmbassadors. No matter how you tell us, just make sure to let us join in on the fun! 😊


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