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Make your mark in the Xbox Ambassadors Club

If you were there for our Season 13 intro stream on Mixer or checked out our First 30 days blog, you know that more missions for Xbox Ambassadors are coming down the pipeline that revolve all around the Xbox Ambassadors Club! 

Xbox Ambassadors Club

Xbox Ambassadors make gaming fun for everyone. No matter how you like to game, here in our community, we want you to have fun and make everlasting connections. But, did you know that clubs on Xbox are an awesome way for new-to-Xbox gamers or even veteran Xbox gamers to connect to a ton of gamers around the globe? So, we’re going to be launching more missions surrounding the awesomeness of the club. And, of course, there will be XP and sweepstakes tickets to be had! 

New club missions  

In the coming weeks, you will see new missions and video gallery missions that are focused on the Xbox Ambassadors Club. Some of which you may have already seen, like the “Welcome new club members” mission. Well, a few more will be coming, including:   

  • “Clubs are fun” video gallery mission   
  • “Chat with other club members” mission   
  • “Befriend more members” mission   
  • “Play games with other club members” mission   

These missions start tomorrow, Jan. 8, so be sure to explore the activities and visit the club. If you’ve never visited the club before, now is the perfect time—what have you got to lose?  

Not an Xbox Ambassador, but the mention of missions, XP, and sweepstakes tickets sound right up your alley? Become an Xbox Ambassador today! Take part in program-related activities, make connections with other gamers, unlock exclusive swag, and more. Come to the XA side, we have cookies. 

Why the focus  

We want the Xbox Ambassadors Club to be a robust location for all gamers to visit and be greeted with amazing community members like yourself, and we’re still looking for new and effective ways for new Xbox gamers to engage with the club and Ambassadors—hence new missions! The goal for the Xbox Ambassadors Club is to create a welcoming and positive experience for new Xbox gamers. We want the club to be a great first step in the new gamer’s journey, not only when it comes to using their console, but also connecting with the Xbox community.  

Plus, who doesn’t love new ways to unlock XP and sweepstakes tickets?! However, we will be looking for your feedback, so as you complete these new missions, make sure to share your experience with your Community Manager—positive or negative, your voice is the most important thing to us. Remember, Season 13’s theme is all about knowledge!  

Xbox Ambassador WPAK in the Xbox Ambassadors Club

You run the show 

The mission of the Xbox Ambassador community is to make gaming fun for everyone, and you and your fellow Ambassadors are the guiding force in that notion. We hope that by doing more missions like these, you will connect with more gamers around the globe, find more ways to impact the Xbox community in your own way, and—most importantly—have fun. So, tackle those missions with gusto, say hello with new club members, and keep helping make Xbox the best place to play.


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