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Meet the Xbox Ambassador Mixer Play Hosts

Have you tuned into the Ambassador Mixer channel lately? If so, you may have taken notice to a few new segments with new Play Hosts. Our channel now proudly features 10 Play Hosts weekly, and we’d like to take this opportunity to formally introduce our community to all of them.

Meet the Play Hosts

Jenna Rossity  |  Wednesday Refresh

Every Wednesday, 8am-10am PT

Jenna Rossity has been an Xbox Ambassador “since the days of MSN Messenger.” Her all-time favorite series is Fallout and currently enjoys playing Plants vs. Zombies. She enjoys hosting streams on the Xbox Ambassador channel because it allows her to represent a group of people who help others. Jenna Rossity is happy to answer any questions you have about the Ambassador Program, or about Xbox in general.


MoonLiteWolf  |  The Academy of Tank & Heals

Every Wednesday, 8pm-10pm PT

MoonLiteWolf is not just new to the channel, but new to the program as well. She has been an active Ambassador for about three months and values this opportunity to connect with members of the Xbox community. Her favorite game, at the moment, is Overwatch.


NorthernZoot  |  Reboot with Zoot

Every Monday, 6pm-8pm PT

NorthernZoot has been an Ambassador since the program was called “Xbox Community Experts,” making him one of our most senior Ambassadors. He has had a unique experience watching the program evolve throughout the years into the amazing community it is now. His favorite series, without question, is Splinter Cell and his favorite part of streaming as a Play Host is interacting, and laughing, with the community.


EmericaGirl24  |  Play of the Game

Every Tuesday, 8pm-10pm PT

EmericaGirl24 is a bit of an Ambassador newbie, but is certainly not new to Xbox! She has actively been in the program for four months and her favorite game is, hands down, Overwatch. EmericaGirl24 is passionate about being an Ambassador and her favorite thing about being a Play Host is getting to meet so many new people and connecting with fellow gamers.


PyrosPlayhouse  |  Pyro’s Playhouse

Every Thursday, 8pm-9:30pm PT

This Play Host has been an active Ambassador since April 2, 2015. Although he does not stream it regularly, his favorite game is State of Decay. His favorite part about live streaming with the Xbox Ambassadors is getting to be a part of a great team and having the opportunity to interact with the community.


Onyxishere  |  Running with Onyx

Every Thursday, 4pm-5:30pm PT

Another senior Ambassador, Onyxishere has been with the program for more than five years. Currently, his favorite game is Destiny, followed closely by Friday the 13th. He enjoys streaming on the Ambassador channel because he gets to interact with people, and he loves playing video games.


FourNinjaToads  |  The Gamer Dad Show

Every Saturday, 10am-12pm PT

FourNinjaToads has been a member of the Ambassador Program for five years and became most active in Season Three. His favorite franchise, so far, is Gears of War. He enjoys being an Ambassador to meet new people and to share his love of gaming with his sons.


Scrtch  |  The Backlog  |  Super Awesome Game Night

Every Tuesday, 5:30pm PT-7:00pm PT  |  Every Friday, 3pm-5pm PT

Scrtch has been an Ambassador since 2006 and you may recognize him as a community leader and Official Xbox Forum Moderator. He enjoys so many games, that he can’t really define one favorite. He enjoys games like Bioshock, Halo, Minecraft, and Skyrim. Scrtch is grateful for the opportunity to stream as an Ambassador and has also made an appearance on the Microsoft Studios Channel.


F5 Penguin  |  Talking Games with F5 Penguin

Every Wednesday, 12pm-2pm PT

F5 Penguin is another senior Ambassador who has been in the program for six years. His two favorite games are Metal Gear Solid 2: The Sons of Liberty and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. His favorite thing about broadcasting live with the Ambassadors is the ability to interact with an audience who is equally as passionate and as excited about games as he is. F5 Penguin enjoys sharing his experiences with people from all corners of the globe.


Air Head DLX

New Show Coming Soon…

Air Head DLX has been an active Ambassador for four years and his favorite game is Borderlands 2. He loves interacting with a community and giving people a chance to come together and play together. He believes gaming is about everyone having fun and that’s the experience he tries to provide.


We are thankful to have these incredible Ambassadors on our team! You can show your support by tuning into their streams and giving them a shout-out in the chats.


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