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Meet the Xbox Ambassador Team engineers

Your Xbox Ambassadors Team has mentioned that the Xbox Ambassadors Program is going through a few exciting changes, and one of those amazing changes is a new and improved website! So, why not learn first-hand about the new website from the engineers who are making all the wonder happen.

The builders of a new experience

Last week the engineering team took time out of their busy day to sit down with us and share their thoughts on the exciting work they’ve been doing. They’re a group of incredibly talented and driven professional experts who are working diligently to bring you an enhanced Ambassadors experience through the Xbox Ambassadors website.

  • Sapna
  • Valentin
  • Tim
  • Val
  • Sahngah
  • Crisselle
  • Marco

What’s the biggest positive impact you think the new website will have on Ambassadors?

We want to make the website work well. By “make it work well”, we mean ensure that the performance is top notch, that the site is bug free, that it operates fast and efficiently, and that the site fits the vision of the design teams. As an engineering team, it’s our duty to work closely with the design team to make sure the website functions correctly. Our goals are to be in constant communications with all teams involved with the website, to meet and exceed the visions of the designers, while ensuring that the performance is what our Ambassadors expect.

All in all, the goal of the website is to make sure that the Ambassadors feel like they’re part of something more. We want this website to work well, but we also want it to be cool, rewarding, and functional. We also want our Ambassadors to be proud of the website and feel like they’re part of the Xbox Ambassadors Team.

What are you most proud of regarding the new website?

We are most proud of and excited for the esthetics of the new website, the look and feel are going to be incredible. The new website will also be responsive, and the flow and organization of the actual content will greatly enhance the Ambassador usability experience.

Tell us about how all of you are working together to bring this website to fruition?

What most people may not know is that the engineer team does a standup every day, and we’re able to openly share opinions with one another. In an engineering team, you have those who work on different aspects of a website, like front and back end teams, so the standup allows team members to understand what another team member is doing. We can plan work, so the other team member isn’t blocked or overwhelmed. Our goal as a team is to ensure that we don’t work in a vacuum, we can collaborate and work together with the same logic, so initiatives are consistent. It’s also a great opportunity for us to share skills and knowledge as well as communicate effectively with one another.

Tell us something that you’d like the Ambassadors to know.

What makes our engineering team so special and different is that we are an incredibly diverse group, and from an engineering standpoint, that isn’t expected. We all have different interests, skills, gaming skills, and hobbies. We have a lot of fun and we learn a lot from one another.

Every single Xbox Ambassadors Team member is so excited to bring you an enhanced Ambassador experience and we’re hope you’re just as excited as we are. Stay tuned, there is a lot more fun to come!


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