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Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s been more than a year since the world started collectively battling a pandemic not just physically, but also emotionally. From transitioning away from social spaces and being isolated from friends, to losing and grieving for our loved ones, the effects of it on our mental health cannot be understated. More than ever, the topic of mental health should not be something that we should shy away from.

This Mental Health Awareness Month we would like to remind everyone about the available helpful resources relating to mental health and wellness provided by Take This, an organization whose mission is to decrease the stigma of mental health and provide support in the gaming community. A link to these resources can also be found in the Xbox Ambassadors Discord server.

Disclaimer: This list is provided as a courtesy resource only, we do not endorse these groups, nor can we vouch for the level of service or outcomes individuals may have when contacting them.

Please note that these links are intended to help community members reach expert resources and related materials for their own use. We do not recommend that Ambassadors should take it upon themselves to act in roles that should be reserved for mental health experts.

Crisis Lines

Therapist Directories

Online Therapy Resources

Culturally-Specific Therapeutic Support (US)

Self-Care Tools

Streaming Resources

Online Harassment Support

Apps and Other Tools


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