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Milan FanFest: Together for the first Italian #XboxFanFest

This year was an amazing one, Microsoft announced the first ever Italian Xbox FanFest. What’s even more amazing, though, is some of our Xbox Ambassadors were able to meet up and enjoy the fun—together. Xbox FanFest arrived in Milan, and we get a first look from our Ambassadors who attended.

Welcome to #MilanFanFest

Hey, everyone! I’m Marco (GT: Sanana94), and I’ve been a part of the Xbox Ambassador Program since the XCE MSN chat. It’s truly amazing to see all the changes made so far to this platform and how strong and inclusive our community has become during the past years—it really warms my heart. I’ve always loved the idea of helping others get the best experience out of their consoles, and thanks to Xbox I’ve grown professionally and have had tons of great experiences that eventually changed my life and made me who I am today.

Every time there’s a video game event in Italy, I always look forward to sharing my amazing experiences with the video game communities and show how great our passion is in connecting people together. This year, during Milan Games Week in October, I wanted to do something bigger, so I got in touch with my ACE (Mister Taxel) and Malik (Mister EDG3) and we had some chat about possibilities to promote the Xbox Ambassador Program at the event. Once we got a small plan, I’ve shared everything with Xbox Italy and they were super happy to invite us to their Mixer stream every day to talk about the program. The Xbox Ambassador Team was also incredibly supportive sending us a lot of swag to give away during the event, and while it took a great amount of time, mails, chats, and phone calls, I was blown away by how friendly and fun the whole process was.

Thanks to the support of awesome Ambassadors like Francesco (GT: DominumStige), Fabrizio (GT: Frizio I iB), Mirko (GT: ThorX360), Alessia (GT: Alessia362), and few friends that also got interested in the program like Genny (GT: SlipperyGennym) and Gabbo (GT: GabboRivoli HZ). We gathered the interest of many and the swag got delivered to super awesome Xbox fans.

The event was a great success, not only did get amazing Xbox gamers like Emanuela (GT: Zatomas) and others to join our program, but we confirmed how awesome the Italian Xbox community is—we fully created a team of passionate people willing to help others and share their Xbox expertise in order to make Xbox Live a safer and more welcoming place for everyone.

A few days later, Xbox Italy announced the Xbox Milan Fanfest 2018 and I had the opportunity to invite a few selected fans to participate at the event. What better choice than our awesome community of Ambassadors? Following this, you will hear some of their experiences, but the moral of the story here is that there’s no better reward than having a passionate group of people working together in achieving the same goal for the community. If I could share an advice with everyone, it would be to never give up and always try to build new connections inside our community—some might be life changing.

Different voices, one passion


What did you like the most at the #MilanFanFest?

I’d like that for the first time in Italy, I could meet hundreds of lovers and gamers of Xbox like me and share with them the passion for gaming. I met new people of all ages, saw old friends in a wonderful location, and we had a great time all together. We played a lot of interesting titles, we talked about gaming (but not only gaming), we danced and at the end, we watched side-by-side the Inside Xbox episode with a portion of popcorn in our hands. It was great to spend a whole day in this way!

How many games did you play? Which was your favorite one and why?

I played at least five different titles like Battlefield V, Resident Evil 2, Forza Horizon 4, Ori and The Will of Wisps, and DMC 5. My favourite one was Resident Evil 2 because it took me back directly to 1998. This title was one of the first games that I played on the original PlayStation and the new version seems to have all the original charm with a new game engine. I finished the demo, but I wasn’t yet satisfied, so I kept watching other players whenever I had the chance to do it.

What did the #MilanFanFest mean to all of us Ambassadors?

I think that the #MilanFanFest allowed us Italian Ambassadors the opportunity to get to know each other and team up. We talked a lot about our role and how to grow as a strong Italian community. The #MilanFanFest was also a great opportunity to speak about the program to other gamers, both to inspire someone to join the program and tell to other players that they could contact the Xbox Ambassador Team whenever they need help.

Frizio I iB

What did you like the most at the #MilanFanFest?

For me, this was the first time to attend an event like Milan FanFest and I was happy to enjoy that moment with a lot of people that share the same passion as me! I met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends there. It was great to try and enjoy new games together side by side, to talk about gaming, and to share our knowledge each other.

It was really a great moment—the event was planned perfectly, and I hope it can be better the next year. Yeah, I said next year, because I hope that this was just a starting of a great series of events in Italy!

How many games did you play? Which was your favorite one and why?

I’ve tried Five different titles: Metro Exodus, Battlefield V, Forza Horizon 4 (on an 8K TV), Hitman 2, and Devil May Cry 5. My favourite one was Devil May Cry 5 because I like the series, I like hack-and-slash games and the character Dante is absolutely so cool!

I would also say that playing Forza Horizon 4 on a 8K TV was something incredible, it was amazing, realistic and so immersive that you could stuck there and play for hours!

What did the #MilanFanFest mean to all of us Ambassadors?

I think that the #MilanFanFest was very important for the Italian community and allowed Italian Ambassadors to better know each other. We talked about how to organise better the Italian Ambassadors community and about how the program can grow on our territory and what we can do to realise it. The #MilanFanFest was also an opportunity to illustrate the program to other Xbox gamers to let them know they can join us whenever they want or that they could reach out to us for any help they will need.


What did you like the most at the #MilanFanFest?

The mood of joy and community which was spreading all around. Gaming is good, gaming together is great, but getting together because of it is the best.

The #MilanFanFest was the chance for me to finally meet in person some of the Italian Ambassadors as well as other passionate gamers (and hopefully recruit them to the program)!

How many games did you play? Which was your favorite one and why?

I tried Forza Horizon 4 (I actually got it on my Xbox One X, but playing it with a drive seat and a huge 8K TV is so cool!), Kingdom Hearts 3, Devil May Cry 5, and Resident Evil 2 (yes, I played the original one too long time ago).

I’ve been waiting for so long to see Kingdom Hearts on Xbox that playing the demo was maybe my favorite gaming moment of the #MilanFanFest!

What did the #MilanFanFest mean to all of us Ambassadors?

Getting together is great: that’s the magical moment when gamertag gets a face and creativity arises. We’ve had the chance to talk about the program, throw some ideas to boost it in Italy, and well, getting to know each other. It was a first here in Italy, but it will definitely be the first event of a long series.


What did you like the most at the #MilanFanFest?

The most important thing to me was bringing the event here in Italy. The community is strong and an event like #MilanFanFest is a great showcase to all the people around Xbox. I liked the number of previews—it’s certainly a rare event in our country. The Microsoft House is the perfect place for events like this. Maybe the next step is an event like X0 here in Italy!

How many games did you play? Which was your favorite one and why?

I played a bit of Resident Evil 2 Remastered and Metro Exodus. I’m very much impressed with the work done by Square with the remake of this game. I will definitely be buying it. Metro Exodus left me a bit disappointed—I found it a mere “more of the less”. The framerate is a bit too unstable to be well played. I think there’s still a lot of work to do from the build available at #MilanFanFest.

What did the #MilanFanFest mean to all of us Ambassadors?

At #MilanFanFest I got in touch with a lot of Italian Ambassadors, great people all around Italy. It’s a great occasion to meet with the community and with people behind Xbox. An event that should be repeated more often.

Every day can be FanFest

A huge thanks to the Ambassadors who worked with the Xbox Ambassador Team to bring the program to Italy! We sincerely hope every gamer who attended had an amazing time, and we hope that awesome community events like Milan FanFest keep happening all around the globe. With an amazing community like ours, every day can be a FanFest.


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