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Miss AshesX takes the stage

Your Xbox Ambassador Team would like to introduce you to your newest Ambassador Community Expert—Miss AshesX!

Welcome to the team

Miss AshesX joins us from Xbox Rewards, where she was a community manager for over four years, so needless to say community is a passion of hers! We are so excited to grow our team with more passionate gamers, so take a moment to learn more about Miss AshesX.

Hey, hey! This is Lya, aka Miss AshesX. I’m super excited to be part of the Cobalt team and the Xbox Ambassador Program! I’ve known about the Xbox Ambassador Program since I began my tenure with Xbox in 2013 with the Xbox Live Rewards team, so who wouldn’t take the chance to work directly with such a passionate group of people? A bit of my background: I played a lot of MMROPGs and was a WoW addict (for the Horde!), then transitioned to casual gamer/outdoor enthusiast. If I’m not online, you’ll find me hiking a trail, riding my bike, walking my dog, or chillaxing. Looking forward to immersing myself more into the community. I love to chit chat, so don’t be shy to hit me up. 🙂 – Miss AshesX

If you don’t know what an ACE is, an ACE is your single point of contact for anything and everything. Whether you have a question about a mission, interested in helping gamers better, or want to make sure your voice is heard—your ACE is here for you—that’s right—YOU. They are the one person you will be able to talk to and get real-time responses. Plus, their number one goal is to provide you with the best Ambassador experience.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Miss AshesX or just want to say hello, make sure to comment below, tag her in #the_lounge, follow @XACE_Co27, or add her on Xbox Live!


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