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Misses Sunny designs the Season Five Legendary Coin

If there’s one Reward we know Ambassadors get excited about, it’s the Legendary Coin! This coin is awarded to the Top 100 Ambassadors of a Season and features a new design each time. With only 400 of these coins given out each year, we’re always hearing buzz around what we’ll do next.

Today, we’re sharing the Season Five Legendary Coin in all its glory and speaking to Misses Sunny about what goes into designing a new coin each Season.

Q: What steps do you follow when creating a Limited Edition Legendary Coin?

A: First, we have an overarching theme each year! For the first year (Seasons One – Four), it was Times of Day; for this year (Seasons Five – Eight), it’s Animals. From there, we decide what the specific Season Theme is going to be. Then, I’ll do sketches of ideas for designs and color schemes, which can either be the longest part of the process (needing a good amount of iteration and feedback) or I can have a clear idea of where I want to go from the start.

I’ll then create the vector art in Illustrator, choose the exact Pantone colors I want for the coin, and send that off to the manufacturer. From that point, I use the art in Illustrator as a jumping-off point to create the Profile Badge, Newsletter Header, the Avatar Shirt and Hat, and other things.

Q: How much time goes into creating the coin each Season?

A: It really depends on how sure I am of the direction I want to go! For Season Four, I knew I wanted to make a Star Field, so the whole process only took a few hours. For the Season Five owl, it look several days of work (and a couple weeks of iterating on the design and getting feedback) because I really wasn’t sure of what we wanted to do!

Q: How did the Xbox Ambassadors Team land on an owl for Season Five?

A: We knew we wanted to have Animal themes for this year, and once we decided we wanted to start the year with a bird, I narrowed the choices down a bit on my own. It was Miss Valent1ne who pointed out that we should choose an owl because they’re considered wise, like our Ambassadors. So from here on out, you can expect the animals we choose to represent a trait we see in Ambassadors!


Q. What coin have you most enjoyed creating so far?

A: That’s probably the Season Three coin, with the fireflies. I really had fun making each of the fireflies feel like they’re glowing, and it’s probably my favorite color scheme so far!


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