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Mister Discord’s May stream schedule

Every month Mister Discord devises a Twitch streaming schedule and announces it over at the XboxAmbassadors channel. For May, we’ve decided not only to share the schedule here on the blog but also to tease additional information! Below, you’ll find a bit about the special guests you’ll see on Dealing with Discord this month as well as a special opportunity to put in your two cents for the May 26 Play Date.


May 10 – 11:00 a.m. PDT

Chariot with @XboxSupport Agent ^JP

JP’s got a playful personality and can’t wait to show it off in her stream next week. She’ll be Dealing with Discord in the physics-based “Chariot,” a game she says plays solidly into her interests when it comes to gaming: “I enjoy a game that has a lot of collecting involved […] When there’s a level where you can explore and collect things, I want to obsessively collect it all.”

While JP described the game as cooperative in nature, her previous experiences with “Chariot” involved no shortage of playful ribbing and banter between friends. It’s been about a year since she jumped into the game last, but she’s confident she still has it. “Oh, I’m gonna lead,” says JP. “I can’t wait to show [Mister Discord] how great I am and just kind of embarrass him a little bit.” Taking the royal theme of the game into account, she added with a laugh, “He’s going to feel like a peasant next to me.”

It’s not all fun and games for JP, though, who takes her job tweeting for @XboxSupport quite seriously and sees a kinship between her career and the efforts of the Ambassadors. “I’ve been kind of co-existing with the Ambassadors more, in terms of seeing the work that they do and being impressed by it,” JP shared, adding that she can’t wait to interact with a chat full of community leaders dedicated to helping their fellow gamers.


May 17 – 11:00 a.m. PDT

Rayman Origins with @XboxSupport Manager ^LB

LB’s been with @XboxSupport for five and a half years and has been a fan of the Ambassador Program since its inception, noting that he’s especially pleased with what he’s seen lately. He’s impressed by how the Program rewards and encourages community participation and how videogames play a factor in promoting that, relating the community aspect to his personal life: “When I was going through high school, I think one of the things I really bonded with people about was videogames.”

He’s since taken that feeling of camaraderie out of his personal life and into his professional life, managing a group of @XboxSupport tweeters and boasting that, to date, he’s sent the highest number of tweets from the handle of any individual tweeter. Because of what he does in his professional life, LB is quick to note the importance of what the Ambassadors do, stating, “If [@XboxSupport and Xbox Ambassadors] are able to provide leisure time to people, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.”

He’s not only passionate about customer support, but also about what games are able to do – this is something that should be easy to see in his May 17 stream. LB selected “Rayman Origins” as a game to play with Mister Discord for a variety of reasons: first, the art, which he describes as “just extraordinary;” second, the music; and third, the opportunity to experience the game in a new way. LB’s played the game enough to earn 100 percent of the Gamerscore, but he’s never played it cooperatively: “I’m wondering if it will be a ‘Battletoads’-like experience, where the game is dramatically more difficult [with another player].”

Be sure to tune in for what LB labels his “ridiculous antics and fantastic gameplay” – both of which he’s looking forward to sharing with the Ambassador Community.


May 24 – 3:00 p.m. PDT

Left 4 Dead 2 with @XboxSupport Agent ^JR

As a tweeter for @XboxSupport, it goes without saying that JR knows something about providing customer support, but he’s also knowledgeable about “Left 4 Dead 2” and can’t wait to share what he knows with the Xbox Ambassadors Community. “With a game like ‘Left 4 Dead 2,’ there are a lot of different strategies, different ways that you and your teammates can play, where it’s somebody running out to get the objective while you’re covering … or charging up together,” says JR. “It’s always interesting to see the other strategies people take. It’s definitely the kind of game that you can learn from others.”

When asked whether he has a specific playstyle in “Left 4 Dead 2,” JR responded with: “The tank, if you will – most people would classify it as that. I like to get up there and get right in the action.” Given that he has such a distinctive (and aggressive) playstyle, he’s interested to see how well he and Mister Discord do as they fight to survive the zombie hordes this month.

JR’s also interested in giving the Ambassadors, and any non-Ambassador spectators, a better look into the people manning @XboxSupport during this stream: “We’re all gamers at heart […] and we’re all here to have fun and share in those experiences.” Speaking of sharing in experiences, JR’s more than a little familiar with what it takes to be an Ambassador – he was active in the Program on two separate occasions, prior to joining the @XboxSupport team, and he totally gets it. “It’s all about the community, all about learning from each other. It’s fun to help others out, just as it’s fun to enjoy the community and social aspects of it!”


May 31 – 11:00 a.m. PDT

^MP presents Last Spartan Standing

Halo 5 Tournament

We’ll be fully covering this event on the blog next week! Till then, we’ll leave you with these grin-clad words from @XboxSupport agent and organizer of Last Spartan Standing MP: “It’ll be a big old Xbox party! I’m excited for it. Tell your friends, tell your family – your mother, your father, even if they don’t play games.”


Ambassador Play Dates: May Schedule + Special Opportunity

May 5 – 3:00 p.m. PDT | Star Wars: Battlefront

May 12 – 3:00 p.m. PDT | Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

May 19 – 3:00 p.m. PDT | GTA

May 26 – 11:00 a.m. PDT | TBD

Notice something different about this one? Mister Discord hasn’t selected a game because he’s looking to you for help, Ambassadors! “I got some feedback from a few of our Ambassadors that didn’t have Xbox One consoles, and I was looking to build a schedule and thought, ‘Why not have our Ambassadors pick the game that day and choose from backward compatible games so everyone can get involved?’” Discord explained.

With that thought in mind, Mister Discord plans to poll @XboxAmbassadors followers before May 26 to choose among: “Halo: Reach,” “Counter-Strike: GO,” “Perfect Dark” and “Grid 2” (currently a Game with Gold!). He’s excited to see what you pick and hopes pulling in backward compatible titles will allow for an even wider selection of Ambassadors to join in on the game time!


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