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Mister Teal brings you Ambassadors Play

The Xbox Ambassadors Program is growing. From regular sign-ups by Xbox community members to the expansion of the Team who helps run the show, the Program is always looking for ways to engage and build upon itself.

Part of that growth comes from the latest addition to the Xbox Ambassadors Program, Mister Teal, the Community Coordinator – one of the many behind the mission to encourage Ambassadors to become more involved on the frontlines of the program.

Mister Teal, or Brady, originally began his journey on @XboxSupport, tweeting support to the community for almost two years. Even before his time on the Xbox Community Support Twitter account, Mister Teal was a dedicated Ambassador.

“Most people [in the Program] know me as Mister Teal,” he explains. “Most of my interests, outside of work, if it’s not playing on my own Xbox [console] in my own time, it’s watching anime – I’m very much an anime nerd in my heart.”

Asking him what his favorite anime shows of all time are is a tough question, but recent favorites include: One Punch Man, Seven Deadly Sins and Erased. He also embarrassingly admits that The World God Only Knows is a favorite.

Mister Teal can more easily call out his favorite games. “Favorite game of all time is ‘Fable: the Lost Chapters’ on the original Xbox [console]. I played that game at least four times, completely – a lot of my childhood was eaten up by that game.”

Currently, it’s all about “Overwatch.” Be fearful of being caught in a match against this guy. His strategy involves taking Zenyatta to a vantage point and throwing discord orbs at enemies.

Mister Teal doesn’t spend all of his brain power on games and anime, though. His role involves a lot of hands-on work. To put it simply, Mister Teal explains his role as such:

“In the ‘Wizard of Oz,’ the Wizard you see – the Zordon-esque figure that you see – that is [Mister Discord]. The wizard behind the curtain making everything work… That would be me.” He adds: “I’m effectively the guy who helps get all of the Twitch streams running, get everything setup, planning out the Twitch streams […] a lot of this is working with [Mister Discord] and a lot of it is also taking it off of his plate.”

His passion for planning and plotting out streams, and being an avid Twitch viewer, was what drew him to the job of Community Coordinator.

Mister Teal believes that the success of the streams is their natural, organic flow. “I never want there to be a script,” he says firmly. “I think it’s better when there are more authentic reactions and more authentic interactions with the community when they’re in the [Twitch] chat.”

In the Season Three Launch Party, Ambassadors got to see and meet the whole team in one place, and Mister Teal gave a sneak peek into the Ambassadors Play Program.

“[With Mister Discord], I’m helping the Ambassadors have their own streams and promote their streams on Twitch, through the Xbox Ambassadors channel.”

Mister Teal is on a mission to not only highlight the Ambassadors with a skill for streaming but also to let them have the spotlight in ways that make them excited to participate.

Getting into Ambassadors Play isn’t a difficult process, but there is a trial period for all applicants. “Most of the people who have applied, and will continue to apply – we imagine – are people who already have [Twitch] channels,” Mister Teal explains.

The Xbox Ambassadors Program checks out the applicants’ channels to get to know who the streamer is on-camera and become familiar with their style. Having a lot of viewers isn’t a requirement, but being engaged in what your viewers are saying or want to see is.

“When I’m hanging out in your Twitch chat, I want you to be able to chat with me, interact with me, joke with me – I want you to be able to have fun,” Mister Teal says. “One of the main things we want people to be able to do is have a welcoming, fun environment for people when they get in there.”

If the trial stream goes well, a schedule is made and a theme is chosen. The theme can be whatever the Ambassador wants! The key is creativity and excitement for the subject.

“These are our Ambassadors, they’re already on Twitch. Why not have them be a great role model, or example, or just promote them for how awesome they are on our official Xbox Ambassadors channel?”

Great things have already come with Mister Teal’s involvement in the program. Keep an eye out for him in the Lounge or on Twitch. (And don’t forget to ask him about his love of The World God Only Knows.)


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