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Mixing it up: Beam makes the switch to Mixer

The recent update has presented us with the age old question, “What’s in a name?” Well, in this case, a lot. The switch from Beam to Mixer delivers on more than simple semantics. Ambassadors can expect cutting edge features, mobile usability, and loyalty rewards as part of the launch.

The Deets

If you have visited the Xbox Ambassador website recently, you likely noticed that we have fully swopped out wording and logos from “Beam” to “Mixer.” The streaming platform, Beam, was acquired by Microsoft August 11, 2016, and after a period of development and engineering, launched under their new alias, Mixer, May 25, 2017. This was a welcomed change that the entire Xbox community is stoked about.

“We chose Mixer as the new name because it represents what we love most about the platform, that it’s all about bringing people together.” – Jenn McCoy, Director of Marketing, Mixer

The name is not the only change you’ll notice, key features have been added to the platform as well.

Industry-First Features

A few months ago the Xbox Ambassadors made the decision to exclusively stream live on Mixer, formerly Beam. While there was an element of corporate responsibility regarding the decision, we really opted in favor of Mixer due to its superiority as a platform.

Mixer has unveiled a vault of cutting edge features unparalleled to other streaming platforms. In addition to launching some key components, the team at Mixer also released information on future plans and updates.

Below is a brief overview of some announcements we are looking forward to.


The short story: This feature allows up to four different broadcasters to stream on the same page with one chat experience.

Mixer Create App

The launch of the Mixer Create App is the first of many efforts to successfully allow broadcasters to stay in touch with their audience on the go. Here’s what you need to know:

– Available on Android devices and in Beta for iOS devices

– Enables users to share what they are doing at any time and location

– Future updates to the app will allow users to share gameplay just like on desktop or console

What does this mean for Ambassadors?


Mixer, above all else, provides an engaging and interactive live gaming experience, and we’re not the only ones who think so!

Join the convo on Twitter using #MixerMagic!

Mixer Founder’s Program

We know our Ambassadors love rewards and recognition. As a special “Thank You” from the folks at Mixer, they are inviting long-term Beam users to join the Mixer Founder’s Program. If you reached Level 10 or higher as of May 24, 2017, you’re due for some awesome rewards. Sneak Peak: You may be eligible for Mixer Pro! Visit the Mixer Blog to learn more.

Ambassadors on Mixer

Amidst many changes, one thing you can count on is the Xbox Ambassador Mixer channel. While much of the platform terminology is changing, our streaming calendar remains the same, fun, interactive channels it has always been. Not a follower yet? Check out our Mixer Channel @XboxAmbassadors!


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