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Monkiedude22 goes to the Undead Labs launch party for SOD2

Xbox Ambassador and Ambassador Core Creator, Monkiedude22, was able to attend Undead Labs special launch party on May 18 in Seattle, WA. Check out this awesome experience he had with game developers, fellow community members, cupcakes, and so much more!

Step into Undead Labs

What’s up everyone, Monkiedude22 here and I wanted to share my experience back on May 18 at the Undead Labs launch party for State of Decay 2, which is out now on Xbox One and Windows 10!

The event was from 8 PM PT to 11 PM PT at the developer’s studio near downtown Seattle, WA. I arrived at about 6:30 PM PT and met up with fellow Xbox Ambassador and streamer Four Ninja Toads and his son. We spent some time chatting and getting hyped up for the event when our good friend and ACE Mister Ruxpin showed up! Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a quick picture while waiting for the doors to open as well.

As 8 PM PT rolled around, we were invited into the studio and got our first look at the game running on dev kits as well as the main studio workspace and stream room! As we were greeted by the studio heads, we were given a nifty swag bag which included a digital code for the ultimate edition of the game as well as a State of Decay 2 notebook and a PopSocket!

Once everyone was in the studio, we were invited into the kitchen where they had tacos, chips, and cupcakes to celebrate! The cupcakes had the State of Decay 2 logo in a very tasty icing on top—delicious!

Then Four Ninja Toads, Mister Ruxpin, and I were joined by a few members of the development team! We got to talk to them about what they worked on for the game, how long they’d been with Undead Labs, and got to remanence about our favorite games and parts from the first game in the series. They even gave us a few insider tips to help us survive!

At 9 PM PT, the party was officially on, because at that time State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition officially launched in the United States. So, after a celebratory cheer and after we finished eating, we took a tour of the Undead Labs. Four Ninja Toads and Mister Ruxpin headed over to the streaming room while I spent a little more time with some other developers—talking about some of the key aspects of the game and things that I might be able to do to help other survivors.

The studio is very cool looking and well laid out, they have a giant entertainment center with vintage console and games such as an original Xbox, Dreamcast, and even a Nintendo 64! But the neat thing to see was the wall of concept art near the development stations. The artwork was amazing and so detailed, they really did a fantastic job incorporating the art style into the game and the pictures I took don’t even do them justice—you had to see them in person to really appreciate the amount of detail and color.

After spending some time walking around, we sat down at a demo station and got to play a bit of the game with some members from the development team who gave us some pointers to help us survive. After it was all said and done, we got together for a last picture in front of the studio logo and parted ways to get home and jump into the game for real.

I had a fantastic time at the event and I was happy I could attend. As an awesome streamer, I know that Four Ninja Toads has some plans to stream the game on Mixer! Be sure to drop a follow on Four Ninja Toads to catch some of that sweet zombie action. Plus, I have plans to release a few tutorials and tips on my YouTube channel—I’ll be on YouTube with State of Decay 2 tips and tutorials as well as a video walkthrough of the studio (which is coming soon)!

Get your survival on

Be sure to check out State of Decay 2 which is out now! It’s an Xbox Play Anywhere title, so that means you can buy it on Xbox One or Windows 10 and be able to play across platforms as well as continue your progress on the other device. It’s also out now in Xbox Game Pass!

Enjoy the game and thanks to the Xbox Ambassadors for the opportunity to write up this guest blog post for you all.

A special thanks to Monkiedude22 for being our guest blogger and sharing his experience with all of us! Make sure to check out Monkiedude22’s YouTube channel for awesome video content that can help all gamers. Also, you can help find amazing video content for all Ambassadors by voting video content in the Video Gallery or even submitting video content yourself! Plus, you’ll earn XP. 😉


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