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National Siblings Day: Xbox Ambassadors Share Their Stories

Hey, everyone! National Siblings Day happened over the weekend! Leading up to it, we had a thread on the Xbox Ambassadors forum asking Xbox Ambassadors about some of their favorite gaming memories with their siblings. Imagine giving an unplugged controller to a younger sibling, what a prank, right…?

Anyway, we reached out to a few submitters, and here are some of their stories!

Austin 045

Austin 045's gamerpicWhen I was little my brother and I used to play Minecraft all the time. We honestly never really got along too much growing up. But gaming was something that we both liked to do. I remember that we created this massive city in Minecraft’s survival mode. It took years. But it was one of the few times where I felt really connected to my brother and is something that I cherish to this day.




Photo of MindOfTimOne of my favourite gaming memories with my brother was playing multiplayer Turok on the original Xbox console. We played 1v1 deathmatch and ran round with the gravity cube just trying to destroy each other.

Another great memory, again with my brother on the original Xbox console is playing Timesplitters 2. We would play infection against all of the boys on China Town. At the time my brother hadn’t realized different characters had different running speeds so when I started playing as the Gingerbread Man, I left my brother in the dust to get destroyed by the boys and he could never figure out why.


Photo of BrainTumor55When I was very young and just getting into gaming my sister (2 years older than me) and I didn’t really get along. We constantly used to butt heads and fight. We still cared about each other of course. We just didn’t get along. For some reason though whenever I would play a game she would always come in and just sit down and watch. I offered to teach her to play but she didn’t have an interest in playing. It was just like a TV show to her. We didn’t really talk during these sessions but it didn’t matter because we also weren’t fighting.


I can also remember (after I got a little older) getting the new Resident Evil game and all my sister’s friends coming over to hang out with her but everyone ended up getting sucked into the living room to watch me play it. It was around that time that I started becoming more of a friend with my sister and her friends. We didn’t game together but they started to invite me to go hang out with all of them, and gaming was partially the catalyst for that.

Pandy Yato

Photo of Pandy YatoWhen I was a kid, my younger brother and I would often play the SNES together and when we got older, we would share the controller and take turns doing a level each or until we reached the next cutscene.

Now I get to share my love of gaming with my two daughters. We are a huge Final Fantasy family with my daughters’ interest in that increasing all the time but my favourite memories are when we are just chilling together and playing Minecraft Dungeons.

My youngest is especially good at rushing ahead, grabbing all the mobs and then asking to be saved when she realizes she may have attracted too many, which is funny but clearly an indication I need to shout “stay with the party!” louder.

Humongous Afro

Photo of Humongous AfroMy older brother got me into video games at a very young age. I’ve always been more competitive than him but we still always have had a friendly rivalry growing up. Now having him on my Fireteam or fighting alongside him in For Honor is the best thing ever.

Being able to play with my family during Covid has made it so much more tolerable. Having the ease of Xbox Live makes it so easy to just hop in a quick game or spend hours playing together. I’m very thankful Xbox Live has been around for so long and has always had such a strong good network for online games.

I would say one of my favorite gaming memories would be running through Halo 3 on a very small CRT in the dining room of my parents’ house a couple weeks after the game came out. I remember we sat there and ran the entire campaign in one sitting. While life happened around house, we just sat there and got sucked into Halo, It was an amazing experience even on a little TV. This was also my 3rd time playing though.


Photo of thisgameissucky and their girlfriendWe’re going way back in the day on this one, but Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance used to be where it was for couch co-op. My older brother and I both had it on the PS2 and on the Xbox. We had two co-op saves, one on the Xbox for when he was over at the house for the weekend, and one on the PS2 for whenever he brought it over to play.

We sank so many hours into it. Some time a few years ago, he got a copy of it and found his old PS2, and we played it again (I had long lost the original Xbox at this point)- and that night I had never gamed so hard in my life. From around 4pm to 7am when I had to go to class, we played Baldur’s Gate all night.

Another good memory was us doing the same thing on the original Fantastic Four game on the original Xbox. That and we co-oped the heck out of Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance on the Wii. Lots of great gaming memories with my brother. If it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have ever picked up gaming as a hobby.


Photo of LudnaGrowing up, due to the 5 year age gap between my siblings and I, we never had much in common. It’s not a huge age difference but it was enough as kids for us to be at different stages in life. However, we found common ground in gaming. I have the fondest memories of being the younger sibling being “allowed a shot” of what they were playing.

I remember games like Alex the Kid and The Lion King on the Sega Master System II. Later on my brother and I would take turns playing Ocarina of Time and see how far we could get in one night.

A few days ago I bought the Aladdin/Lion King re-release on Xbox. The amount of nostalgia I felt was astounding. It was even better when my 2 year old wanted a go. It felt like I’d time-traveled from my childhood to being a mother in an instant watching her play.


Photo of TheDeadJesterMy sisters and brother and I have been Xbox Live Members since a year or two after its inception and we have used gaming our entire lives to just enjoy each other’s company.

Something special is that no matter where we lived in the world, we have been able to come together and communicate. My sisters have met their husbands on Xbox Live, I met my fiance, and it’s been a place where family was truly built.

We played Halo while living in different areas, we played Modern Warfare and even played a little Poker every now and then. As we have gotten older, we appreciate what gaming has done for us and our togetherness. It’s literally built our family

Thank you so much to all who shared their stories! Gaming is fun, but it can always be better, especially with a sibling!