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New season, new website, same great program

Season 11 will make some big shoes to fill for other seasons, but we’re up for the challenge. With the launch of the new Xbox Ambassador Program website and some highly anticipated updates to the program, Season 11 is going to be one to remember. Season 11 is going to pave the way for more creativity, connectivity between Ambassadors, and, of course, highlighting the same wonderful community and doing what we do best—being the biggest fans of Xbox.  

Your seasons embody attributes 

Going forward, there are times where seasons will embody attributes, which many of us live and breathe in our video games. We put time, thought, and effort into how we build our characters to fit our playstyle and to what the game needs. Want to hit like a truck? Give some love to your strength. Want your fireballs to do more magic damage? Throw a point or two into magic. Each attribute is important and meaningful.  

Season 10 represented defense—during Season 10, Xbox Ambassadors put a lot of points into their defense stat preparing for the launch of the new website. You and your fellow Ambassadors prepared your defenses and enhanced resistance in several ways: providing feedback in the open beta for the website, participating in a variety of trials, and so much more. Now, our defenses are stronger than ever and we’re ready to take on every season to come. As Season 10, the season of defense, closed, it paved a path for Season 11, the season of agility. 

Season 11 is all about agility 

Now that Season 11 is here, it’s going to be out most agile season yet. Look out bosses, we have a high dexterity build—we hit quick and fierce! With a new website and some updates to the program, we’re all navigating the changes, but together, and with our ability to take on any challenge, we’re adaptable and resourceful. Your Xbox Ambassador Team is here to walk you through every step should you need it.  

Beyond seasons, our community always remains agile because as gamers, agility saves lives. Being a community that is agile prepares us for new features and updates that may pop up, as well as prepares ourselves for more games to launch (the end of Season 11 will be a great time for new video games—yay).  

Always increasing our stats 

Not all seasons will represent a certain gaming attribute, we’ll throw some other awesome and creative ideas your way. Speaking of stats, creativity is going to be a stat we increase. You will see these across various channels and methods, including Ambassador of the month and the grand prizes awarded for that title, more silly skits on social media, more fun challenges for the community to engage in, and so much more. Good thing Season 11 is all about agility because we’re going to need it with all this fun!  

Let’s do what we do best 

The Xbox Ambassador Team wants to extend a heartfelt thanks to our community of passionate Ambassadors. You have stayed with us through it all to make sure this program offers the best experience for all. We could not have made it to this milestone without you. So, thanks! 

Season 11 has officially begun, and we have a lot more to look forward to. Let’s do what we do best: connect with other gamers, share our Xbox expertise, and help make Xbox the most enjoyable and best place to play.


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