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New year, new season

It’s that time of year again. The time to sit back and reflect on who you are and how you can be better. Okay, okay – we won’t get too serious here. But maybe the thought has crossed your mind, “Hey, I’d like to get more involved with the Xbox community.” If that’s the case, check out these 2018 Xbox Ambassadors resolutions!

Make more friends

Our favorite part of Xbox Live is the community. Gamers helping gamers is the foundation upon which the Ambassadors Program is built. If you want to make a bigger impact on the community this year, making friends is a fun and simple way to accomplish your goal.

As an Ambassador, it’s easy to make friends! Join us in The Lounge to say, “hi” or tune in on Mixer and join the chat. Heck, you can even join a Twitter convo using #XboxAmbassadors.

However you choose to connect, the Ambassadors Team is excited to get to know all of you better this upcoming year.

Share your knowledge

It’s true what they say, “knowledge is power.” That’s why one of our biggest goals for the Ambassadors Program is to empower gamers to share their love and knowledge of Xbox.

There are countless ways to share what you know with other gamers. Ambassadors can complete Missions, offer up tips and tricks in the Discussion Forums, or even create a video and submit it to the Ambassadors Video Gallery.

Stay passionate

The passion Xbox fans have is unparalleled, and lucky for us, many of the most loyal Xbox fans are part of the Ambassadors Program. Your love for gaming and community is what keeps us all going.

So, there it is, gamers – a few ways we can all make an impact on Xbox in 2018. Not an Xbox Ambassador yet? Join the Program and kick Season Nine off today!


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