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Next 30 Days of Season 17

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! Welcome to Black History Month, welcome to the month of Valentine’s Day, and welcome to a slightly longer February! 

Black History Month

It is Black History Month, and we are celebrating by featuring Black game industry professionals who inspire us. We’ll be publishing a blog this month and featuring these individuals in weekly tweets to share some of their great contributions to gaming. They are talented people and knowing more about them will enrich all of our lives. Give them a look as they go live 

Otter additions!otter with an xbox ambassador pendent photoshopped on....poorly

Otter also contributes to this blog now. Whenever there are updates to the site, changes in missions, etc 😊 

New Trial Mission!

This February, we will trial run a new type of mission that has two parts, a Website Activity and an optional quiz for additional XP. We are calling these missions “Side Quests”. To complete a Side Quest, you need only visit and peruse the web page linked in the mission docket. For those who want the additional XP from the Side Quest, there will be a short quiz attached to the mission. Unlike most quizzes, the ones attached to Side Quests will only be available while the mission is running. 

Cleaning up the site

To keep up with our New Year goals, we are cleaning up the Xbox Ambassadors website! To start, the navigation bar is getting cleaned up, and the “Dashboard” and “Community” tabs will be going away. Not to worry though! You can still find all that information on the Home page. In fact, [looks around mischievously] it’s a little-known secret that the “Home” and “Dashboard” both link to the same place. As for the “Community” tab, all the links there will be housed neatly in a block on the Home page. To make room for these changes, we are going to move the link to the Academy to the Handbook and Missions page. 

a picture of the new nav on the xbox ambassador site

Valentine’s Day

Got heart’s in your eyes? Got someone special in mind? Would you be our Valentine? 

 *Produces flowers, high fives, and a hug if interested* 

Being that it’s a day about relationships, I (ProCrow) would like to point you to some hearty *wink wink* couch Co-op games on Game Pass. 

 A recent addition to the Game Pass library is “Children of Morta,” a game about a family of monster hunters who work together in a Diablo inspired rogue like. It’s….lovely….;). 

If your relationship is rock solidand we mean…you can go through Ikea rock solid, you can also try Overcooked 2. Overcooked 2 encourages cooperation and reliance on your little team of chefs, and an earthquake separating you from your rapidly burning pot of stewis all too real of an outcome.  

If you are looking for some online people to spend the time with, remember to reach out through the LFG channel in the Ambassador Discord, or use the LFG feature on Xbox! 

Oh, and remember to give yourself a hug this Valentine’s Day! Do a favorite thing, maybe go for a walk and admire the flowers (or dead bushes cause its winter), put on a favorite show, and play your favorite games.  

Twitter Poll for PlaydatesShowing off the Twitter Poll and explaining how exhaustive voting effects it

We had a lot of fun doing the Twitter polls to determine which game to play for the January Xbox Ambassadors Community Playdate! The way the voting works is a bit different than most political elections, so we’ll detail it out. In college, I (ProCrowmajored in Political Economics, and thus I like voting systems!  

This polling process is called an “Exhaustive Ballot” and it goes like this: 

  1. We have a poll between 3 games. If no game receives more than 50% of the vote, then the game with the least votes is removed. 
  2. A second poll is held between the two remaining games. The game with the most votes in that poll is picked for the playdate. 
  3. This is a lot like reality TV show style eliminations. In Survivor players vote a person off the island, in the Idol series the judges choose someone to go home, and in the Bachelor/Bachelorette a player does not get a rose.  
  4. In Americapolls often use the “First past the post” polling system. This means the winner is the one with the most votes overall.  
  5. BUT, that creates a problem. If we have 3 games, and 1 game gets 40% of the vote, and the other two games get 30% and 30% respectively….that means the winning game is NOT WANTED by 60% of the voting poppultion 
  6. By using Exhaustive Ballot polling style, it improves the chances that the winning game is picked by a majority of the entire population, rather than of just the majority of votes.  

 We have some future Playdates planned where games have already been picked, and so polling will show only some of the time. We’ll keep testing it, so let us know how you feel about the polling! If you want to learn more about exhaustive polling, here is the link to its wikipedia entry.

Leap yr = 1 more day to unlock XP in February!

That’s pretty cool 😊. 

Ground hog day – February 2ndBill Murray and A groundhog from the movie "ground hog day"

The Ground hog came out of its hole, and maybe or maybe not saw its shadow. Doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we got together to enjoy a silly tradition involving a little critter. I (ProCrowalso recommend the movie “Ground Hog Day” with Bill Murray. It’s a film that focuses on the importance of living in the present, and provides quite a chuckle.