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Next 30 Days of Season 18

We want to let you in on a secret, which is that Ambassadors are doing fantastically with the new Missions structure and Lifetime Levels! If you’re still feeling a little lost, don’t worry—I’m going to do a re-cap on how to unlock Experience Points (both Seasonal and Lifetime), what the different kinds of Missions are, and what bugs we are working to fix.

Many Missions!

If you were an Xbox Ambassador before April 1, 2020, you may have gotten Experience Points (XP) through different activities. Many of those activities still exist, in addition to a couple new ones! To gain XP now though, an activity must be tied to a specific Mission. Here is a list of all the different type of activities that could appear as a Mission:

  • Console Mission: These include sending a “GG” message to someone you recently played with on Xbox Live; making a new friendship on Xbox; and gaining a new follower on Xbox.
  • Forum Mission: Reply with an answer to a question thread in the forums that is recent and has not already been answered.
  • Quiz Mission: Quizzes will only award XP if they are in your Active Missions section. Note that certain quizzes are only available at certain Levels.
  • Self-report Mission: Everyday you’re out there helping others, promoting positivity, and creating a safe, welcoming space on Xbox. Let us know you’re participating by completing these Missions.
  • Website Mission: Click, follow the link, and interact or read the content to unlock XP for these Missions.

Once you complete a Mission, it will move from the Active Missions section of the page, down to the Completed Missions section. Keep in mind that some Missions may take longer to track (such as those done on the console). If you still have not received the XP from a completed Mission and/or it is still appearing in your Active Missions, please send us a bug report.

Click here to check what Missions are currently live!

Ambassador of the Month!

Our newest AOTM is Sightless Kombat! He is a gamer without sight who is an accessibility consultant, content creator, and longtime Xbox Ambassador who has lots of wisdom to share!! You can see his post here.

Sightless stands holding a Gears 5 Kait Diaz controller, wearing jeans and a Gears 5 shirt emblazoned with the Ice Omen. Behind him is just a part of his gaming collection, with 16 Gears Pop Vinyls, featuring General Raam and a Brumak amongst others, along with Halo Pops and other larger scale figures. Behind and to his left, above the majority of the figures is a gold Gears Of War 4 lancer, in pride of place.

May Play Date!

Our May Play Date is scheduled for May 31st! We’ll be playing Minecraft Dungeons and “building” some dungeon crawling good times. Look for a blog post coming up within the next few weeks for more information on how to sign up!


Creepy Crawly Bugs

We have been tracking your bug reports, and below are some of the ones we are now tracking:

  • Profile: Ambassadors may see that their XP value is higher than the current Tier XP value with a maxed-out XP bar. This is a visual bug. If additional XP is unlocked, the tier should progress to show properly.
  • Profile: Ambassadors who change their MSA (Microsoft account associated with your Gamertag) may be at risk of losing their Ambassador statistics/profile information.
  • Profile: We have removed the badge section of the Ambassador profile page. The Xbox Live Badge section is still there and works as intended. We will be looking to make updates/fixes to the badge section in the future.
  • Handbook (Mobile): Some sections of the Handbook will not open on mobile devices.
  • Forums: We are working to resolve the issue for Ambassadors who did not receive their forums badge/cannot complete Forum Missions.
  • Academy: If you access the XA Academy, you will see the full list of quizzes. Passing a quiz will populate a message informing Ambassadors that “XP is on the way.” However, only quizzes linked to your Active Missions will award XP.
  • Website: Ambassadors who use Google Chrome and have ad-blocker extensions installed will need to whitelist the Xbox Ambassadors website. Not doing this may lead to loading errors.
  • Responder: Ambassadors who are unable to close a conversation must reply to the user before the conversation can be closed. We are aware that if a user deletes a Tweet before an Ambassador can reply, the conversation will be stuck in your active threads. That conversation will go away after 24 hours.
  • FIXED – Rewards & Sweepstakes: There was an issue opening the My Rewards page and claiming codes. All bugs related to Rewards & Sweepstakes have been fixed.
  • FIXED – Quizzes: There was an issue with a couple of the quizzes for Level 2, 3, and 4 Ambassadors. These quizzes can now be submitted.
  • One of the fixes we made this season was to update the Handbook. It has all the information about Lifetime Levels and how to complete a Mission, as well as a new layout. Definitely worth checking out!

Thank you Xbox Ambassadors! Have a good May!


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