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Next 30 Days of Season 19

We Need to Talk

Can we talk about how awesome Xbox Ambassadors are? Especially this past month, with so many changes happening. The strength of the Xbox Ambassadors community is astonishing. If anyone is in any doubt about how much trust, compassion, and support there is here, they need only go to the Ambassy (Xbox Ambassadors forum) and read some of the conversations there.

Cartoonized people with speech bubbles over their heads

Since the beginning of July, we have run three Contribute to the Conversation Missions:

While we will continue these missions with similar conversation prompts, we will also add more Contribute to the Conversation Missions about games. These will be part of a wider collection of missions under the Xbox Community Game Club. To read more about that, check out our blog on the Xbox Community Game Club.

Be on the Lookout

Since the end of Season 18, we have run trial LFG (Looking for Group) Missions and had survey missions to get Ambassador feedback. We plan to make these missions automated and want to thank every Ambassador who has participated so far. Once LFG Missions become automated, Ambassadors will be able to complete the mission directly on console (or from any device) by creating or joining an LFG on Xbox. We will share more information on these missions once we are nearer our goal.

If you want to see some more evidence of your feedback at work, see the Missions page. There is information provided on how to complete different missions. We have also incorporated additional fun images for our mission cards—with even more on the way!

Snip of 3 active missions showing the new mission description and mission cards

Party, Games, and Prizes 

Did you make it to the Summer Party? Xbox had a special selection of game demos up for preview and play on the console. To celebrate and take part in this event, the Xbox Ambassadors held a Summer Party in our Discord. There were also special missions and sweepstakes.

If you missed the party, no worries! We plan to have more events like this one. 

If you partied through the week with your fellow Ambassadors, don’t forget to send some feedback our way with what you thought! (The survey is linked as a mission on our website.)

Snip of party function on XboxGet Your First Editions 

On July 1st, we published our first Xbox Ambassadors Webcomic“Wanting to Make Amends”. This webcomic tells the story of two gamers—one who is a seasoned player and the other a newbie—who clash over the difference of their levels. Many of you responded to the comic saying you could relate to either or both of the lead characters. Give it a read if you haven’t yet! The webcomic is best viewed on a computer, but we are working to fix our template so that it can be read on mobile and tablet too. 

Keep an eye out for our next installment of the XA-Universe this season!