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How about a refresh?

After our maintenance update on April 27th, the Xbox Ambassadors website refreshes automatically in the background now. This means when you complete a mission, it will track as completed without you needing to refresh the page. XP, tiers, and levels will automatically increase as well! During out maintenance, we also upgraded a few things behind the scenes. The website was built for a smaller number of Ambassadors, and when more awesome people signed up, it got a little overwhelmed. Now the website can handle more users than ever, with little effect to the Xbox Ambassador experience.  

On the topic of a refresh, in the First 30 Days, we mentioned that there would be some new missions. Have you checked them out yet? Those are our Xbox Insider Missions. Keep an eye out for more information on how you can be a superb Ambassador and Insider in our Handbook. 

There is also new content in there about LFG (Looking For Group) Missions. You all are absolutely rocking those missions!

May celebrations and acknowledgements

For American Asian and Pacific Islander Month (AAPI), we will be spotlighting stories from Ambassadors. If you missed it, here is a link to the blog. We received so many stories from our community. Thank you for sharing those with usIf you would like to share your story for AAPI, we would love to see them—use #XA-AAPI.

We also celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month in May! Sometimes, life works out neatly, like when we get to honor two vibrant communities and spring flowers are in full bloom. If you have a story you would like to share for Jewish American Heritage Month, use #XA-JAHM. 

And finally, as we near the half-way point through the year, we take a pause for Mental Health Awareness Month. It is a good time to do a check-in with ourselves and remember to be patient and kind. We should embrace the differences of others and ourselves every day, but it’s true that we don’t always have the opportunity. May is that opportunity. 

#AmbyMade Challenge

Throughout April, Ambassadors put smiles on so many faces. Somewhere in the realm of 3,016,164! It is a-May-zing to see you all have such a positive impact. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, check out #AmbySmiles. 

For May, we are running some missions with our seasonal theme of the Sage in mind. DIY: Do it yourself. If you like crafts or are tech savvy or have any hobby at all, really, now’s your chance to share it with the rest of the community! And teach us a thing or two while you’re at it. With #AmbyMade, post to social media things that you have created. Keep an eye on the Missions page.

A gif (moving image) of an etch-a-sketch drawing the Xbox logo, shaking, then drawing Master Chief's helmet.


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