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Next 30 Days of Season 23 – The Summer Games Party

You’re invited!

Last year, we gathered virtually for the XA Summer Party. This year, we’re bringing it back with a twist. We are happy to announce the Summer Games Party! For the whole month of August, we’re inviting Xbox Ambassadors to join in the fun.

Summer Games Party banner with blue and green patterns on white background. White Xbox controller centered at left. Text reads: Get together for Games & Giveaways. August 1-31 Summer Games Party 2021. Xbox Ambassadors + Xbox Community Game Club.

You’re invited!

Discover indie games with our play hosts as they do play-throughs of some ID@Xbox games. Tune in live for a chance to chat and hang out with special guest devs, other Xbox gamers, and participate in giveaways.

We’re also going to have twice the number of sweepstakes than we did at last year’s party. Plus, the Xbox Game Club is hosting a giveaway for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate codes and Designed-for-Xbox OtterBox accessories. Register and subscribe to their emails for more details on how to participate!

There’s still time to vote

2D gold trophy with text to the right reading Xbox Game Pass Non-Player Character Awards In Association with Free Guy. Smaller text at bottom reads- Brought to you in part by Xbox Game Pass and Free Guy, sponsored by Xbox Game Pass and Free Guy, in association with Xbox Game PAss and Free Guy, presented by Xbox Game Pass and Free Guy. Featuring Xbox Game Pass and Free Guy... Did we mention Xbox Game Pass and Free Guy? Copyright 2021 20th Century Studios

Have you voted for your favorite NPC on Twitter yet?

There’s not much time left to cast your vote for the Xbox Game Pass NPC Awards. Guy (a non-playable character with Ryan Reynolds’s face and voice) is a newcomer to the Awards. Actually, since this is the first ever NPC Awards, Chief Trader Mollie from Sea of Thieves, Parvati Holcomb from The Outer Worlds, and Samuel Hayden from Doom are all newcomers as well. Cast your votes on Twitter; Level 1-4 Ambassadors, head to the Missions page first to get a bonus for voting.

If you would like to explain your decision or see if you can persuade others to vote for your NPC candidate, check out this Contribute to the Conversation. Ambassadors have been sharing their favorite non-playable characters; they truly don’t get enough love.

International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples

August 9th is International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples, created by the General Assembly of the United Nations. This date is a reminder for us all to celebrate individuals who are indigenous—not just one day out of the year, but to remember them and raise their voices the year round. To honor those in our Xbox Ambassadors community who are indigenous, we will be putting out a special blog highlighting their stories.

Ishmael Angaluuk Hope wearing a dark grey collared shirt with an orange vest over it. The vest has Native Alaskan embroidered images on it

Ishmael Angaluuk Hope – one of the lead writers for Never Alone. Source: neveralonegame.com

Two of our play hosts will also be streaming the play-through of the full game Never Alone: (Kisima Ingitchuna) plus the Never Alone: Foxtales expansion starting on August 10th at 3-5PM PT and concluding the story on August 12th starting at 1PM PT. Be sure to tune in for a chance to win a game code for this beloved game from Ishmael Angaluuk Hope.

Small cartoon child sits in the snow with a white fox pawing curiously at his chest.









No summer bugs here

We are adding a drop-down menu to our Report a Bug forms. The selection of topics will help Ambassadors and the XA Team quickly identify the problem, reducing time spent over any uncertainty or misunderstanding. Remember, if you run into any issues with the website or missions, report the bug to us directly through the website. The link can be found at the bottom of every page.

A girl shrunk to the size of a penny stands among grass and giant leaves. A large ant is in the foreground.

Let’s get those bugs under control!


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