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Next 30 days—updates and what to expect

We’re halfway through Season 13 and there’s a lot going on. We want to share you what’s happened in the first 30 days and give you a sneak peek into what’s to come in the next 30 days.

What happened in the first 30 days

Ambassador of the month: February’s Ambassador of the month was dedicated to a long-time, passionate Xbox Ambassador—DoPey5007. DoPeY5007 is a fantastic Xbox Ambassador who avidly supports and loves ID@Xbox games, is one of the best stream mods in town, and is always willing to connect with other Ambassadors and cheer on their endeavors in the Xbox community. Read all about DoPeY5007 here.

Homies who would make great Ambassadors: one of the best things about our Xbox community is that it’s growing every day with more and more passionate gamers. That means if you know great gamers who would be perfect additions to Xbox Ambassadors, make sure to share with them the “How to become an Xbox Ambassador” blog written by Miss Buffalo. Let’s keep growing this community with more gamers who want to help make Xbox the best, safest, and most welcoming place to play for all gamers.

Party like it’s 2018: we made some amazing memories in 2018. The Xbox Ambassadors Team is incredibly thankful to have had this time with you. We were so excited that we had to share a swanky video of some great moments we had with you during 2018.

Click, click, #AmbsPhotoBook: your fellow Xbox Ambassador, Gamingboy177, launched an awesome social media challenge for us—an Ambassador photobook. To support him in his idea, and in finding new ways to connect more Ambassadors together, we want to launch the #AmbsPhotoBook challenge. Check it out here.

Missions on missions on missions: recently, you’ve been seeing self-reported missions surrounding the Xbox Ambassadors Club looking for new and effective ways for new Xbox gamers to engage with the club and Ambassadors. More missions like this will be launched, so make sure you make your mark on the club and unlock XP and sweepstakes tickets at the same time! The club is a great place to welcome new-to-Xbox gamers and seasoned gamers alike, so let’s make the Xbox Ambassadors Club the best club ever. Not a member of the Xbox Ambassadors club? Let’s change that.

What’s coming up

We have a lot to look forward to in the following weeks, check it out.

On the horizon: in Season 12, we went all in with highlighting the amazing things Ambassadors do for the Xbox community outside of this program. These deeds included supporting charities, welcoming new gamers to Xbox, and just being a positive force in the Xbox Live community. We then launched a series of self-reported missions to see how these activities could fit in to the program, and they were a great success! So, in the next 30 days from now we will share with you our future vision for Xbox Ambassadors and we can’t wait to make this journey together. Stay tuned!

Responder: we’d like to let you know that we are actively working on the known issues with Responder so they don’t continue to impact your Ambassador experience. We have no solid timeline for you now, but we are working on it. Please submit bug reports so we can track what bugs Ambassadors are running into and fix them.

Better ways to share updates: while our current blogs that share updates from the program are awesome, we want to find even more ways to show you how your voices are being heard, and how your voices are helping create great change for the program. We’re happy to share that we’re exploring other ways to increase awareness of what we are working on behind the scenes. But, maybe you know of a great way already! Do you know a program or company that’s sharing heard community feedback well? Let your CM know. We’ve already begun solving for this so your input will directly help us with a solution.

More new missions to come: we’re launching more self-reported missions encouraging Ambassadors to connect with other gamers through the Xbox ecosystem. Some new missions you might see include:

  • Help a friend unlock an achievement
  • Watch Ambassadors stream on Mixer
  • And more!

Make sure you complete the missions and help more gamers have the best time while on Xbox. Afterall, you are what makes Xbox the best place to play.

More updates to come

We will keep the updates coming for the things we have updates on, we have a lot to look forward to. Keep building and making long-lasting connections with fellow Ambassadors and other Xbox community members.


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