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Next 30 days—updates and what to expect

Season 12 is moving quickly by—we have so many holiday funsies to look forward to—but for now, we’re going to talk about the next 30 days and what you can expect from the Xbox Ambassador Team.

Recap: First 30 days

When we launched Season 12, we told you that you can expect monthly updates from us to enhance the flow of communication from your Xbox Ambassador Team to you and your fellow Ambassadors. Here are some updates we’d like to share with you.

Internal communication flows: Our team has implemented an internal flow to streamline communications and we’re excited to say that process is operating swimmingly. We are effectively looping Ambassadors into new projects early on and engaging them with proper testing. A great example of this was the recent Responder UI update regarding Twitter.

Responder UI update: We announced a little while ago the newest feature of Responder—the ability to change Twitter accounts linked to Responder. If you’d like to learn more about how to change Twitter accounts in Responder, read more here.

Chat: There has been some progress with chat; however, we still do not have any dates available. Once we have something concrete to share, you will be the first to know.

Social media kit: We received such a great response from the community regarding our social media kit that we will be doing work to make this an ongoing feature of the program. Our goal is to find a more permanent location for the social media kit to live on our website and we’re working on providing you a variety of assets so you can represent yourself not only as an Ambassador but as an individual in the best ways possible. Some ideas the team has around graphics are tied to social and cultural movements, like breast cancer awareness month, pride month, etc. This is still in the planning stage, so when we have more updates or require your feedback, we will let you know.

Bug fixes that impact Ambassadors: In the past, an Ambassador’s join date on the leaderboard did not reflect an accurate legacy join date—well, it’s fixed, yay! Forum activities are now tracking property, so we were able to retroactively reward Ambassadors who performed forum activities during Season 11. This is a permanent fix, so you no longer have to worry about forum activities not being rewarded.

Season 11 rewards and tiers: Season 11 tiers have been finalized and reflect all activities completed during Season 11. Also, check your email—the Season 11 tier reward survey has been sent out, yay.

Not an Xbox Ambassador, but what to be part of the community that’s filled with the biggest fans of Xbox? Who doesn’t want to be part of an inclusive and positive community? Unlock the ultimate achievement, become an Xbox Ambassador.

Next 30 days—preview

Season 12 coin: We mentioned that Season 12’s theme is strength. We had a lot of design options to pick from, but we’re excited to show you some the first design concepts of the one selected. A magnificently beautiful and strong tree was selected as our interpretation of strength. The twisted trunk signifies a bond, almost like a knot, binding all of us together.

Academy: Fun news—we’re looking to revamp the academy and we’ll be sending a survey to you and your Ambassadors so you can share your ideas with us.

New missions: Xbox continuously encourages its gamers to play with others and make long-lasting connections. That’s why Xbox Ambassadors are doing their part to keep gaming fun for everyone. We mentioned this in the First 30 Days post, and we’re so thrilled to announce new missions encouraging the connection of gamers through, well, actual gaming.

Starting tomorrow, you will see new missions connecting you to fellow Xbox gamers. We’ll be inviting you to step outside of your norm and try playing a new genre, playing with new gamers, and making friends, plus more! So, make sure to check out the latest and greatest missions as they launch, because here at Xbox, we believe that gaming should be fun for everyone.

Updates to missions: We’ve talked about self-reported activities so when you do something awesome in the Xbox Ambassador Program, you can be rewarded mission style. Well, now we’re excited to announce that you will be able to submit new types of self-reported activities. There is a drop down that will have specific options based on certain missions and the self-reported activities needed to complete a mission.

Please note: when you click “Submit Activity,” you will not see any confirmation or any kind of pop up. Don’t worry, we are working on that to ensure you feel confident that your self-reported activity went through but know that they are being recorded and tracked. Also, make sure to refresh your missions page after submitting a self-reported activity.

We’ll keep the updates coming

Thanks to all Ambassadors, as always you are so great. Keep your feedback coming, tell your ACE or in the feedback tracker. We’ll be releasing what’s in store for the Final 30 days of Season 12 next month—so don’t miss it!


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