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Our favorite local multiplayer games

As technology continues to advance, the awesomeness of gaming with friends has taken on a whole new meaning. Gaming together in the same room with friends could be considered “local multiplayer party” and with that comes your favorite LAN party games, couch co-op games, and so on. No matter if you’re PvPing on the same network, setting up a series of platforms and televisions, or cookin’ up a storm on the same couch (where the Overcooked lovers at?!), all of it brings out the best part—gaming together.

Top 10 local multiplayer games

One of the best parts about gaming is being able to game together … like, literally together. Being in the same room with your friends with snacks and drinks and playing all your favorite games, even if there are different games going on.

So, we asked some members of the Xbox Ambassador Team and your fellow Ambassadors what their favorite local multiplayer games are, including LAN party games and couch co-op games.

Overcooked – Miss AshesX

Rocket League – Miss JSP

Modern Warfare 2 – Mister Sconnie

Anything from the Halo franchise – Mister Ruxpin, Mister Taxel, Mister Rezzee

Mine would absolutely be NHL. I am constantly enjoying not only playing in my league but also with my friends in club.

F5 Penguin

I’d say my favorite game to play locally would be the Jackbox Party Pack. I mean, party is right in the name! It’s impossible to play this game without laughing. Between the ridiculous scenarios and answers people come up with, that’s the game to party with friends!


I enjoy games that are less serious most the time, games like Overcooked, so when I play with friends or family we can laugh when we make mistakes and it’s funnier than failure. On the opposite end, when I’m playing more serious games, a campaign run in Halo is always fun with my best friend next to me. Local multiplayer brings us closer together, and something enjoyable about seeing the face of your co-player when something happens is priceless.

GT Dex

My favorite local multiplayer game is D&D, seeing the way the players interact and shape the world astonishes me. Even though there are no visuals to go on, the descriptive language makes it so you can “see and smell” the environment around you. No longer are you who you are in your day-to-day life, instead you have been transformed into valiant warriors saving the world or a city from a menace. Plus, anyone can pick it up, the only limitations are that of your own imagination.


The type of local multiplayer game I prefer is a game like Mario Kart—I have a friend I often play with on Mario Kart and Donkey Kong. As for Xbox, Forza is a great multiplayer game! I’m excited and waiting Forza Horizon 4.


Mine is Steredenn. It’s an indie game, and you need to be in the same room. It’s awesome, and indie games have so many great games that remind me of playing the SNES with my brother.

Pandy Yato

Where’s an extra extension cord

Playing together—whether in person or online and whether it’s a LAN party, couch co-op madness, or teaming up to face against other online teams—is what makes gaming that much better. We always talk about connecting with gamers and the growth of friendships and connectivity, but it’s also about playing with your friends that live down the road. No matter how you game together, keep doing it.

What are your favorite local multiplayer games? What snacks and drinks to you like to have? Are you a local party host or attendee? Make sure to comment below, talk about it in the Lounge, or chat with other gamers through Twitter conversations.


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