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Our time at PAX West

Wow! PAX West 2018 was definitely one to remember and we hope everyone who attended had a great time. If you couldn’t attend, we hope you had fun following the fun through social media. During August 30, 2018 to September 3, 2018 we saw a massive turn out of amazing and passionate gamers coming together to celebrate all things gaming. Your Xbox Ambassador Team is so thankful to have been part of the ride with you.

The Pre-PAX funsies

The ID@Xbox Pre-PAX Open House was so much fun. The Xbox Ambassador Team was able to join Xbox gamers on Microsoft’s campus to launch the excitement of PAX West.

Your team had fun spinning wheels, giving away shirts, and meeting gamers from all over. Mister EDG3 and Miss Buffalo has an awesome time talking about all you beautiful people on Mixer interviewed by IceRocker. Plus, let’s not forget all the fantastic ID@Xbox games that we got to check out! Which one was your favorite?


While at PAX, we were able to chat with some Ambassadors who visited us. We’re so happy to hear that these Ambassadors had an awesome time through all the days of PAX. If you like to check out lots of photos of the PAX fun, make sure to search #AmbassadorsatPAXWest on Twitter!


My favorite part of PAX West was the Xbox section. Specially the Fallout 76 station, I thought it was a smart idea to pretend that we are using the old apocalyptic computer from Fallout to input out information to see if we can guess the correct amount of bottle caps to win that amazing Xbox One X! It was super fun seeing the Xbox Ambassador Team there finally face to face! I had a lot of fun, specially at the Post-PAX Meet and Greet the Xbox Ambassador Team hosted! I had an experience that I will always cherish. Also, Bethesda had and amazing party at the Hard Rock Cafe which was fun to attend and be part of as well.



This year’s PAX West was my first convention ever, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect aside from massive crowds of people with long lines and the occasional whiff of a ripe pair of armpits. Needless to say, I was not disappointed in regard to those. However, I truly enjoyed every minute of my Saturday at the convention! Getting to play some of the unreleased games that I’m looking forward to was an awesome treat. I love the emphasis on independently developed titles. I was also fortunate enough to attend the Pre-PAX Open House by ID@Xbox and connect with a handful of people that I’ve only ever spoken with and interacted online—meeting the gamers you play with is the best (highly recommended if you haven’t done so). Getting to visit and chat with my Ambassador family was also a plus! Shout out to my ACE Ruxpin along with Taxel, Sconnie, AshesX and Rezzee :heart: Now that I’m living so close to Seattle, I can definitely see my wife and I attending future PAX events!



My favorite part of PAX West was being able to both meet old friends and new friends made on Mixer and appear on stage to speak and interview with Andy Salisbury. I had so much fun meeting my Xbox Ambassadors at their booth who I believe we’re a bit misplaced considering how far away they were from Xbox and Mixer, but that booth was def grabbing people’s attention and we managed to recruit even more Ambassadors to our team! We went hunting for a treasure goblin and had a party with over 100+ people coming out to celebrate being an Xbox Ambassador!

Community sentiment

While that the Post-PAX Meet and Greet at GameWorks Arcade in downtown Seattle, we were able to meet over 130 Xbox gamers, and we all had a great time! Miss JSP and Mister EDG3 were able to talk to a few gamers and Xbox Ambassadors who wanted to share their positive sentiment about our Xbox community with fellow gamers.


Q: Xbox Ambassadors are all about community, so what would you say a good gaming community means to you?

A: It’s somewhere you can go and hang out with other like-minded people, and you know that they’re going to have the same interests as you. You don’t have to explain or justify why you like something. If you’re here, gaming is one of your favorite hobbies, and they’re into the same stuff you are. It’s a safe place where you can be yourself and geek out, and the community wants to be that person with you and help you foster that interest.

Q: What draws you to PAX?

A: Same kind of thing, it’s a place where you can be with others who like the same stuff you like. Video games, comic books, sci-fi, D&D, board games, handheld games—a little bit of everything! Whatever it is you like, and if it’s any way gaming related, you can talk to others about what each other likes, learn from them, and try new things.


PyratQueen | StalwartToaster

Q: What does community mean to you?

A: StalwartToaster—community when it comes to gaming is when you’re able to play games with others and really enjoy yourself. It’s nice being able to meet people, play games with them, and connect with as a gamer. You can just be a person.

A: PyratToaster—here’s a story, I was playing Mass Effect multiplayer and I was convinced to share that I was indeed a woman gamer (I hadn’t because of the trolls), and they became my friends. This community of gamers was amazing and accepting—now I have over 150 friends on Xbox Live and I’m more active in multiple gaming communities. If you give it a try, you will meet amazing people. StalwartToaster and I met through Xbox Live and now we’re best friends. Then I met our other friend here, and we both live in the Greater Seattle area. Community to me is just that. It’s the same as any other community, it’s real. Real people with real connections.

PAX West was a success

Throughout PAX West, the Xbox Ambassador Team was able to engage and connect with so many passionate gamers. Here are some numbers to share with you!

  • Through Pre-PAX to the last day of PAX West, the Xbox Ambassador Team engaged with over 1,500 gamers.
  • Through Pre-PAX to the last day of PAX West, over 620 passionate Xbox gamers became Xbox Ambassadors—wow!
  • On the day of the Post-PAX Meet and Greet at GameWorks Arcade, over 130 people visited us for the great food, games, prizes, and more.

All in all, PAX West was a huge success—we were able to engage with awesome Xbox Ambassadors, grow our community by over 620 passionate Xbox gamers, and we gave out some pretty sweet swag if we do say so ourselves.

We had an amazing time at PAX West and meeting all of you who were able join us! If you couldn’t, we hope that you had fun following from home with all our silly photos. Here’s to the next PAX West and many more gaming conventions. We’ll see you soon!

Share your favorite moments from PAX West in the comments below.


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