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Powerful women gamers

It’s no secret that gaming is a male-dominate industry. But in recent years, the tides have been turning, and powerful women gamers are taking the stage, some of which are passionate Xbox Ambassadors. As Xbox continues to strive to be a welcoming and inclusive space for all gamers, we want to give a special shout out to some of our lady Xbox Ambassadors below, and recognize all women gamers who weed through the trolls to do what they do best—game like pros.

Girl power

Check out how these amazing women gamers, streamers, and Xbox Ambassadors feel about being a strong woman gamer and how their passion for gaming continues forward day after day.


My dad brought me into the gaming world and warned me once gaming became on online thing that I might experience some instances that could make me shy away from gaming. So, I was prepared enough to know how to handle it. I was a young girl who played Xbox Live when it was first released, so I’ve had my share of trolls.

For the most part I just kept my microphone off when I game or stream. I’ve also developed a thick skin because of growing up with internet. It was like developing and entirely new social skill apart from what you learn in school. I’ve never felt left out as a woman Xbox fan and I feel like there are much fewer women gamers who remain in hiding now and that’s because of how the community has changed!

I’ve always been a proud woman gamer, never once felt ashamed of it. If anything, I took it as a challenge when some men felt women couldn’t be good at video games. I’ve learned over the years from not only playing online, but also creating content online, that trolls are incredibly fragile. So, self-control and pressing that “ignore/block” button will give you the peace you desire.


As a woman gamer, I have experienced my fair share of trolls—those who would bully me just because I was a woman gamer, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing and never will. Those who troll women gamers just fuel me to keep playing, keep having fun, and keep winning! I’ve been gaming since Atari debuted and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


As a woman gamer, I absolutely love that Xbox is bringing awareness to be inclusive for all gamers. Earlier this year, I got to hear from the Women in Gaming team at the Be Valiant: Girls in Gaming Summit and it was such an eye opener to the progress and current challenges women in gaming face. I’ve personally always felt welcomed on the Xbox platform, but know if I do run into any issues there is an amazing community to show their support!

Proud to be a woman gamer

To all the amazing women gamers out there, don’t be shy! Xbox is an incredibly inclusive place for all gamers and strives to make all gamers feel welcome, safe, and empowered to game on and game strong. If you’re passionate about equality in gaming and want to make a difference in the Xbox community, BECOME AN XBOX AMBASSADOR.


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