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Prepare for battle—website FAQ’s and how-to’s

We’ve been talking about our new website for a long time, and we are just one week out until the launch of our new and improved website! But first, we would like to share some helpful FAQ’s and how-to’s to ensure that you feel confident using the new website.

Expect the unexpected

Here are some questions that you may have while experiencing the new website:

How should I use the dashboard?

Your dashboard a new, single destination that acts as your hub where you can travel to almost any location on the website. If you want to view your profile, see the featured mission, or the most recent blog post, your dashboard will be your jump-off location.

What is the clubhouse?

The clubhouse is your one-stop-shop location for all things social. Connect with fellow gamers through the platform you choose: Discord, Mixer, Instagram, Twitter, or through the Ambassador Blog.

What are reactions?

Reactions are based on your activities that you complete. If you complete a chat and at the end, the gamer you connected with gives you a top-notch survey rating, that reaction will go on the reactions part of your profile.

How will XP be rewarded?

XP will be given similarly to how it is now, but we’re moving toward rewarding more XP based on the impact you are making on the community. So, the greater experience you give to a gamer, the more XP you’ll be rewarded.

What’s the difference between badges and pins?

Badges are based on activity. As you do more activities and connect to more Xbox gamers, your badges will evolve and grow. Pins are rewards and recognition for awesome things that you’ve done. For example, your academy honors will be turned into pins, and will be rewarded during each season.

What happened to notifications?

You will now be notified in a more discrete fashion and have the ability to review unread and archived notifications via your profile. Additionally, notifications will now be personalized to you and your experience as an Ambassador.

Why are missions shorter?

For right now, the missions will be a tad shorter than what some Ambassadors may have experienced with the old website. That is because we want to ease Ambassadors into the new website. Longer chain missions may appear later on.

Do I have to accept missions?

Nope! We made some quality of life improvements to the missions, that way you never forget that you’ve accepted a mission or forget that you need to acutely accept a new mission.

Has the number of sweepstakes tickets rewarded decreased for missions?

Yes, for now while we get Ambassadors used to the new website, missions will be super simple and will award a fewer sweepstakes tickets. This may change later on.

How do I redeem rewards?

Visit the rewards page—you will now have a dedicated rewards page that’s all about redemption. You can input your physical mailing address for those physical rewards, or if you won a digital reward, it’ll be there waiting for you!

What is Responder?

Gamers ask Xbox and gaming questions on a variety of channels and Xbox Ambassadors answer them in one centralized feature—Responder. Responder is mobile friendly, so connecting with gamers on-the-go will be a breeze!

Why did tier names change?

We decided to change the names to be more gamer-centric! After all, some of the best games use the same tier names!

Why is the Video Gallery important?

Xbox is looking to use video content more throughout all Xbox channels, including but not limited to, Xbox Assist, Microsoft stores, and so much more. With the launch of the new website, video content will be more valuable than ever!

What is the Ambassador Handbook?

The Ambassador Handbook is a robust FAQ section of the website that will explain every aspect of the program in one convenient location. Have a question about the way missions work? Head over to the Ambassador Handbook!

What is the Help Center?

You can find the Help Center in the Ambassador Academy, which will act as your one-stop shop to all information so you can ace any quiz and answer questions from the community confidently.

Enter battlefield

This is a battle you will win, because, well, everyone wins here! It’s been a year in the making, but your Xbox Ambassador Team is thrilled to give you this enhanced experience that’ll make your Ambassador experience better and more worthwhile. We could not have done this without and we thank each and every one of you.

We’re ready for you, July 1 AND Season 11! Bring it on.


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