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Program update – 06/07/2016

We’ve got some big, exciting features launching this week that will affect the way future Ambassadors interact with parts of the website and the way all Ambassadors (current and future!) earn XP. Without further delay, check out the sweet details below for updates to Web Content, Activities and Chat:

Web Content

Landing Page (non-Ambassador view)

We’ve revamped our landing page so that first time visitors not currently enrolled in the Program are greeted with a bolder and more informative first look at the Xbox Ambassadors Program! The page now gives a better idea of what an Ambassador is and the ways our wonderful community gets involved. We’ve got a quick peek below, but you can view the whole thing from your browser (Oh, and P.S., it’s mobile-friendly!).

landing page

Join Page

In an effort to streamline the sign-up process, Ambassadors will automatically be able to earn XP for any of the program’s activities. Joining the Xbox Ambassadors Program now requires one simple button press!

Join PageBlog

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: this blog is for you, Ambassadors, and we wanted to better illustrate that! You might have already noticed, but starting today, we’ll be featuring an Ambassador Spotlight at the top of the webpage.



  • Xbox Feedback Activities – You asked for Xbox Feedback activities in our Season One Satisfaction Survey, and we’re here to deliver with a Feedback-specific pilot! For the remainder of Season Two, you’ll be rewarded 2XP for voting for ideas and 5XP for commenting on ideas, with a daily cap of 10 votes and 10 comments per day. While we’re now messaging this across our website and here on the blog, XP won’t be rewarded until later in the week with today’s activities being rewarded retroactively. So go ahead and get started over at Feedback.Xbox.com today by signing up with the same MSA you use for the Ambassadors Program and making your voice heard with votes and comments!


Note: The fixes below will require the latest version of Ambassabank (v3.03). If you aren’t seeing these updates, be sure to clear your browser’s cache and cookies!

  • Report a Troll – The “Report a Troll” feature has been fixed on the Ambassador-facing side within both the Ambassabank and Rooms.
  • Filters – The Ambassabank now filters out profanity in customer-posed questions.
  • Audio cues – To promote better connection between helpees and helpers, we’ve ensured that audio once again plays on the helpee’s side whenever an Ambassador responds in chat.



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