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Program Update – 08/23/2016

We’re back with more exciting new features and fixes to report this week, Ambassadors! While we’ve worked to address some items of feedback provided by our Ambassadors in this update, our big focus was on the shiny new Missions page, which you can tour now. You can find out more below, as well as in our Missions Revamp Feature Walkthrough, but we’d also like to throw a quick shout-out to our Alphas, who rigorously tested and provided feature input as we worked to redesign the Missions Page over the past few weeks.


  • Missions Page Revamp – In addition to some aesthetic changes that have brightened up the page, we’ve also redesigned the Missions Page to better display details around Mission expectations and progress.



  • “Report Customer” Button Update – The “Report Customer” button has been updated to read “Report User” thanks to an idea posted by Paul1708 on Xbox Feedback.
  • Chat No Longer Shuts Down after 60 Minutes – Math for Support Chat has been adjusted to allow chats to exceed an hour without shutting down.


  • Available Activities on Landing Page Now Point to Correct Tools – The Ambassabank and Academy links have been updated under “Available Activities” on the Landing Page.
  • Image Alignment on Blog No Longer Skewed – Left aligned images on the Community Blog Landing Page no longer display overlapping text in Tablet and Mobile views.

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