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Program Update – 10/25/2016

Admittedly, we already gave away our “big scoop” with last week’s Feature Preview of the Ambassadors on YouTube tool, but Patch Notes are Patch Notes and they must be delivered! This week, we’ll confirm the Ambassadors on Twitter release once and for all and focus on some fixes to the Profile and Leaderboard.


  • Ambassadors on Twitter Launches – We’ve made something of a fuss about this one for a while, so why don’t you swing over to the “Join” page and sign up to start Tweeting? You can learn more about how to get started here.


  • Gamerpic Now Shows on Profiles of all Gamertags with Spaces – We were experiencing a bug where Gamerpics were not displaying on the Profiles of Ambassadors with spaces in their Gamertags. Now Ambassadors should be able to enjoy this personalization feature – space or no space.
  • Stats Will Display as “0” and “Not Started” if a Mission or Activity Has Not Been Completed During a Specific Season – We wanted to make the Profile experience more visually pleasing for our new Ambassadors (or for Ambassadors who haven’t yet gotten a start on the Season), so we’ve fleshed out the Profile to display a bit more when Activities or Missions have not yet been started.
  • The Profile Now Links to the Missions Page for Ambassadors Who Have Not Yet Completed an Activity – In the effort to help our Ambassadors get started each Season, we’ve included a handy link to the Missions page when stats display as “0.



  • Leaderboard Once Again Highlights the Gamertag of Signed-In Ambassador – You noticed it was missing, Ambassadors, so we brought it back! The Leaderboard will once again highlight the name of whoever’s signed in.



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