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Program Update – 11/22/2016

This week’s update is all about reacting to your feedback and pushing out some important fixes before the holidays! With that in mind, we focused on better visual cues in the Academy, making Forums XP more consistent with the rest of the Program and making Support Chat easier to use with v3.0.6.4.


Visual Cues Now Used to Signify when the Academy Page is Still Loading – We thought it could be easier to tell when the Academy is loading content so we’ve added in spinning circles and text to signify this.

Academy Screen

Forums XP

Forums XP Now Unlocked for Verified Responses and Upvotes – After the New Xbox Forums launched, we were testing out crediting XP for Forums posts; however, in the effort to remain consistent with our other channels, Forums XP will now unlock only for Verified Responses and Upvotes. You can find specifics in the FAQ.

Hot Fixes

Helpee Responses No Longer Display in Right Alignment – After last week’s Support Chat update, you might have noticed responses you received from Helpees looked a little weird. We’ve taken care of this.

Conversations Now Default to Latest Message Instead of First Message When Switching between Tabs – After today’s update, you’ll no longer need to scroll to the bottom of a conversation when switching between tabs in Support Chat.

Support Chat Now Features Separate Scroll Bars for the Control Bank and Hot Links – We’re pretty excited about the new Hot Links panel, but wanted to be sure you were able to control those links and the Bank separately. We’ve added an additional scrollbar to help with this.

Long Questions in the Bank No Longer Block the “Take It” Bar – After last week’s update, some of our Ambassadors pointed out that long questions in the Support Chat Bank were blocking the “Take It” bar. We’ve made sure this is no longer the case so you can take any question you feel prepared to answer as we head into the holidays.





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