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Program Update – 12/01/2016

We’ve launched a lot of new features in the past two months, but this December our focus is on addressing bugs. This week, we’ve made some small changes to improve the look and feel of the Academy and Support Chat!


  • Progress Bar in Internet Explorer Now Displays Accurate Information – When the Academy launched, Course Progress Bars in Internet Explorer were displaying at 50 and 100 percent no matter the number of Quizzes completed. We’ve fixed this to ensure that Ambassadors using Internet Explorer can easily see how close they are to completing a Course!
  • Adjustments Made to Improve Mobile View – The positioning of the Honors icon in the Academy header and the size of Course/Quiz pop-ups have been adjusted to improve the appearance on mobile devices.

Support Chat

  • Support Chat UI Improved  We’ve rounded the edges of message bubbles in chat and changed the width of each message to match the width of the text sent.
  • Default GamerPic Displays in Chat if Ambassador/Helpee Chooses Not to Share – If you or your Helpee choose not to share your custom Gamerpic, then a default icon will display instead.

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